Some churches like Sardis are being wrongly taught they lose their salvation if they lose their faith. Revelation 3:5-6. Not all believers in Christ are overcomers (see comments on Rev 2:7), but every believer in Christ who “overcomes shall be clothed in white garments.” This could refer to the actual clothes that the overcomer will wear in Christ’s eternal kingdom or, more likely, to the purity and brilliance of the glorified body the faithful believer will “wear” as a badge of authority for all eternity (cf. Dan 12:3; 1 Cor 15:35-42).

In saying that He “will not blot out” the overcomer’s “name from the Book of Life,” the Lord is not making a veiled threat that unfaithful believers will wind up in hell. Rather, He is using a figure of speech (see comments on Rev 2:11 regarding litotes) to say, If you are faithful to Me to the end, I will honor you by magnifying your name! Christ Himself “will confess the overcomer’s “name before His Father and before His angels.” This confession is functionally the positive idea implied in the litotes (no erasure of his name means a magnifying of his name, i.e., magnification by Christ’s personal acknowledgement before the Father and His angels).