Some churches won’t listen to Reward Theology and need to repent. Revelation 3:12-13. Christ promises several different eternal rewards for the believer who overcomes (see comments on Rev 2:7). The believer who has been faithful to the end will become “a pillar in the temple of His God.” Since in eternity the Father and the Son will be the temple (cf. 21:22), this reward is probably an especially wonderful experience of nearness to God as well as a key position of support and prominence in God’s eternal kingdom. Second, the phrase “he shall go out no more” refers to the permanence of these rewards. Once these positions of honor and authority are given to the overcomer, they shall never be rescinded. He is securely set as a “pillar” in Christ’s eternal kingdom and as such will never be separated from this special relationship to God.

Also Christ “will write on him” God’s name and “the name of” God’s eternal city, “the New Jerusalem” as well as His own “new name.” It is unlikely that these will be literal tattoos; instead they are representative of the blessings the overcomer will enjoy as God identifies them as people who served Him faithfully on earth. The honor God confers on the overcomer in eternity will be as wonderful and real as if God Himself inscribed a literal mark on him that reads: “This is My beloved servant in whom I am well pleased” followed by His autograph. Since faithful believers openly confessed the name of Christ throughout their lives (cf. 3:8), Christ will identify them as His victorious ones forever.