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Stan Wayne [02/25/2016 6:25 AM]
Waa waaa – this is the Commander in Chief of a large Army we want – like Grant Jackson Eisenhower Roosevelt Roosevelt Kennedy Johnson

Troy Day [02/25/2016 7:00 AM]
Why are conservative Christians embracing a vulgar New York secularist?

Stan Wayne [02/25/2016 8:28 AM]
Why not

Troy Day [02/25/2016 4:22 PM]
Stan Wayne Lucados’ article was quickly picked up next day 2/25/2016 by BRYAN FISCHER/AMERICAN @ FAMILY RADIO

Stan Wayne [02/25/2016 4:26 PM]
The emotion involving Trump by Christians wanting a true or less ignorant Christian (Trump, Rubio, Carson?) amazes me.

I say so what. The man is pro Christian at least, pro Western Civ, pro America.

And is shocking in his historically unique attraction of Labor, news, etc –

What is the basic problem. Do you freak out if a Senator or Governor is not a true Christian?

Troy Day [02/25/2016 4:27 PM]
charisma seems to be all over him today – what seems to be the story?

Stan Wayne [02/25/2016 4:29 PM]
They are nuts all the time.

Troy Day [02/25/2016 4:30 PM]
He told Howard Stern in 1997 that sleeping around was “my personal Vietnam,” where he routinely and repeatedly dodged the bullets of sexually transmitted diseases. But, he proudly proclaimed, “I feel like a great and very brave soldier” who courageously faced that risk without flinching.

He was the first casino owner in American history to put a strip club in a casino. And he did this not in the distant past but in 2013.

Stan Wayne [02/25/2016 4:40 PM]
I don’t consider him born again but like I say / so what ? If he can do his job – which by then will not be casinos. Further there is hope for him spiritually still.

Troy Day [02/26/2016 1:47 PM]
“You talk to international business and you think ‘Is there any enthusiasm for [Donald] Trump?’ and they look at you like ‘Are you nuts? Of course not.'”

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