Erroneous Beliefs About Demons

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lovely-the-release-of-all-type-of-doctrines-of-demonsThere are today within the Body of Christ certain notions or thinking patterns which are wrong and which become barriers to deliverance work of the Holy Spirit:

(1) Christians are immune to the type of demonic activity requiring deliverance ministry. (Oh no they are not immune!)
(2) Demons are equally distributed among the human race. (Oh no they are not!)
(3) Deliverance ministry is a separate and distinct ministry. (You can’t separate out the preaching, teaching, healing and deliverance ministries of Jesus; they were all one ministry of His, and us.)
(4) Demons can’t read your mind. (Oh yes they can! Demons know what you know and what you don’t know. They know most important details of your life.)

Harmful Effects Of The First Of Those Errors:
(1) It leaves us impotent to free many Christians (especially leaders) from demonic bondage (for example, to pornography).
(2) It relegates deliverance to a low priority in training and preparing ministers and other Christian leaders.
(3) It prevents local churches from developing effective deliverance ministries.
(4) It forces some believers to seek help elsewhere.

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  • Reply April 2, 2016

    David Lewayne Porter

    #4 is incorrect.
    Only the God-Head can read your mind.
    What people confuse as evil spirits and beings reading their minds is actually the thought being planted by that spirit/being and then by their experience throughout human history the spirits/beings judge our responses and thus gauge their next temptation and move.

    According to Scripture you can’t show where satan or any other spirit being can read your mind.
    (Especially – as stated by the post – read a believer’s mind).

    They know human history, they know our history, they know the future as written and prophesied in times past. They know what is going on in heavenlies, yet they do not know what our thoughts in our minds is until we respond and act on them.

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