Comparisons between Spurling and Tomlinson (Azusa vs Cleveland)

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Charles Page |


Interesting comparisons between Spurling and Tomlinson; between Azusa Street and Cleveland.
There is an interesting observation about William Seymour


  • Reply October 26, 2016

    Charlie Robin

    Spurling and Tomlinson or Seymour and Tomlinson?

  • Reply October 26, 2016

    Charles Page

    Spurling and Tomlinson

  • Reply October 26, 2016

    Charlie Robin

    R Green’s name was originally spelled Spurlin w/out the G i.e. dropped G and still so in family and Murphy Co. records as well as his tomb stone – but very very interesting video indeed

  • Reply October 27, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    I had the privileged of meeting the grandson of Kilpatrick at a TN yard sale just recently. He has helped Wade H. Phillips write his books and is writing a book about his own family. Still attends Liberty Baptist and is well acquainted with Church of God (+OP) history. The Kilpatricks rented the house when the first Church of God Assembly happened there. Later on AJ Timlinson purchased the house with one acre of land that it sat on. And then again later he purchased additional one acre to go with it but the 160 acre farm that it sat on is still intact and in the Kilpatrick which I was surprised to learn. They still attend Liberty Baptist where 40 were expelled before establishing the Christian Union and Holiness Church at Camp Creek. They knew little about speaking in tongues back then – the argument of expelling was sanctification. The baptist people believed in eternal security while the new fraction embraced the teaching of Wesleyan entire sanctification and holiness renewal insisting there was much work to be done in the life of the believer after salvation and that salvation could be indeed lost. He concluded that had it not been for entire sanctification and holiness renewal, there would have never been an argument, no one would have been expelled and the Church of God would have never been started. It was sanctification and holiness that caused the Church of God to come into existence. My, GOD have we arrived today just to find out we have lost the very reason for which we began as a movement until Holiness prevails again in the House of God…

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