I can’t see how they are Pentecostal if they don’t believe in it. They might believe in being born again. But if they don’t believe in Speaking in Other Tongues , as the Spirit gives the utterance. I can’t see how they believe in Pentecost. Now I know that all was done away with when The Apostles were gone. They use the Scripture. About where there be Tongues, it shall pass away. They use that Scripture. But in the same verse. It says where there be Knowledge. It shall vanish away. We we Knowledge is stronger than it ever Ben. It hasn’t ceased. Nether has Tongues. And the rest of that Scripture. That’s taking about when we get to Heaven. We won’t need to preach , or use the Gifts of the Spirit in Heaven. Because there won’t be any need to preach. No sinners will be there to need them.