Perry Stone – The Noah Code

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In this 2 hour DVD, Perry lists ancient parallel signs leading to the return of Christ; many of which Christians are not aware of.

He explores the three levels of time, and reveals how Judges in Sodom passed laws legalizing abominations similar to Judges in America today. You will learn three specific things that must become “full” prior to Christ’s return and you will also discover four lesser known incidents, recorded in sacred Jewish history that began occurring before God released His wrath on the world, and how these same four strange signs are repeating themselves right now, including cosmic activity in the heavens. See how Methuselah and water were the pre-birth pain signs and what this means for us today! Perry will explain the law of escape for true believers and the amazing Genesis code revealing the precise order of the rapture and the tribulation!

When the code is complete, the saints will disappear!

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