Bible Prophecy Update: Unbridled Evil Among Us :: By Gary W. Ritter

Bible Prophecy Update: Unbridled Evil Among Us :: By Gary W. Ritter

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Update 8-17-22

The depth of the Deep State, directed by the globalist elites – the proverbial cream of the crop – is bottomless. It is so extensive that even those of us aware of the satanic agenda at work in the world today cannot truly comprehend how pervasive it is. And what is this Deep State that operates at the will of the rulers of darkness – both in the natural and above them – the spiritual?

We usually only think of it as a political force that undermines our Republican form of government and contributes to the lawlessness so rampant in our culture and society. But it is much more and so much worse than our wildest imaginations. Within the Deep State is evil and depravity of a sort that few of us can picture, let alone desire to know about. It affects children and adults at the very core of their being. It steals, kills, and destroys. What is left over from a human perspective are the broken shards of lives that can seldom be reclaimed. Because this devastation originates from the pit of hell in the minds and hands of Satan and his minions, only the goodness and mercy of God can redeem its victims.

We’re speaking here of child sexual exploitation and the demonic rituals that ensnare the unsuspecting; that give power to those who feed off these horrific practices.

This is a troubling subject and not for the faint of heart. But if we’re to truly understand where this end-times world is headed during the Tribulation, gaining a small foretaste of it is necessary to strengthen us who believe and who desire to keep our loved ones from the most awful time that the earth has ever known. There is encouragement in this message, but that is because of what the Lord has promised for those He calls His own.

Without the hope Jesus brings, what darkness would prevail in our lives! – just as in the lives of those who don’t know Christ as Lord and Savior. It’s probably good that unbelievers truly don’t understand what is coming soon to envelop the whole world in its clutches. They would quake in fear and faint dead away.

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Note: The transcript for this message can be found on my website blog under the same title. Sources are on Rumble page link.

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