First, where is it our business or duty to determine whether or not someone is being a faithful servant and stewart? And what makes us a faithful servant and stewart?

Second, are you saying we cannot use the money God gave us to buy things we want? The house we want? The car we want? The clothes we want? Of course giving thanks to our Father!! But does God not allow that?!

And the other items you listed can very well be a struggle of a believer that is having a problem in those areas of their lives (addiction, etc.) so would we have a right to say they’re being unfaithful servants and stewards. This is where people receive condemnation from other believers and I think it’s a shame. We need to come together and work out the salvation that is given to us. Just because you don’t struggle with these specific subjects, I imagine you struggle somewhere.

It seems like a lot of believers measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves among themselves.

Just my opinion. Seems like we try to justify our flesh (or the acts of it) more than others sometimes (self righteousness) instead of showing His grace, love and compassion towards them. Them seeing these fruits from others will be witness to them, encouraging them.

Our standing with God is the same as any other believer as we are justified by faith. We all have been reconciled with the Father. This is why we should not judge others by what their actions are, but correction. I am the same as you, and you are the same as me, all because of Jesus Christ and what He has done. It’s about Him, not us.

I hope you take no offense to any of this, that is not my intention.