Brother, no offense taken.
It is all about Him.

As you said it is your opinion.
I am just stating my stance from the history of the way I witness and address the topic.
For me and those I have witnessed to, I have had success and I stand confirmed that it works.

First, what makes it our business or duty to determine whether or not some one is being a faithful servant and stewart?
Do you know just how much the New Testament alone has to say about money and how to or not to handle and use it? Jesus did not shy away from the topic, nor did the disciples. Did you realize that consumer credit and debit (aka credit and charge cards) is now the largest single grouping of spending and debit – even surpassing home mortgages and even auto loans? This is listed as superficial spending…..
As you put it (wants) not needs but wants….. One of the signs of the end time generations is uncontrolled unrestrained spending and going after their desires and lusts (you mentioned addicts).
Have you not read that the borrower becomes slave to the lender? Do you realize that Christian believers are to not only care for their parents, but also very possibly their aunts and family. But because of the way we Americans have spent ourselves into debit we can forget helping our parents because the children are spending into up side down debit. At their middle age years they still need their parents that are in their 60s and 70s to pail them out. The parents knew how to spend less than they made, how to save money, and how to live within a budget.

Let me point out that the average gift given per person to a church is now less than $20. (When we tip at a restaurant more than God’s ministry deserves we may want to examine who our God is)… hint – look up ((who’s god is their belly))…
AND YET we are going to justify paying $100+ dollars to get a tat(too).
How often has your Church been asked to feed, house, or put gas in the car of someone that can AT WILL smoke, drink, party, gamble, eat (not just food, but) expensive food? And I am not just talking about sinners only…. I mean those balanced believers who know their Bibles and live according to the Scriptures contained within it are expected to take what they have stewarded and give it to “wasters”.
“No wonder sinners think the church is there as a bank and don’t think of it at all for salvation”. We are upside down, the cart is in front of the horse.

Addiction (brother I hope that you are not justifying addiction and saying that we do not have a right to point out where they are missing the mark [the High calling for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus], or that we are to enable and equip them? If so you miss it and the intention of the Gospel Message. I have a family full of addicts and ex-addicts.
Those that have gotten clean have thanked me for being firm, direct, in their face. Yes at times even hard. My brother thanked me for getting into His mess and making him so mad that he hated me and would avoid me at all cost. That is until he realized i was telling him the truth, that he needed help and then he decided to get help and got clean.

You mistake condemnation for caring enough to love them and get involved risking the relationship (sometimes risking it all) to make a change in their lives.
I not only have addicts and (ex)addicts in my family, but I also have them as friends.
I deal with addicts often.

Please tell me one person that Jesus met who He left the same way….?.
The answer is none.
They were either healed, forgiven, and better, or they left upset, angry, mad, hardened even more, or depressed,,,,, but no one left the same as they came to Him.

So why does the church leave them the same way. ((And we say we are showing them Jesus)). Precious us, God is so pleased in us. (I doubt it very seriously).

Do I struggle? Define struggle.
You mean when it shows up that 1) I claim and use The Word, 2) I submit to God, 3) I resist the temptation, satan, the draw of my own flesh including 4) fleeing youthful lust – the lust of the eyes – flesh – and the pride of my life,
and then I win that battle,,,
Then yes, yes I struggle like that. I win knowing that no temptation has taken me but such as IS COMMON TO MAN but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.
So then the problem is us.
Why don’t we give deliverance instead of enabling them?

As far as does God not allow good things,,, did they ask him or just go get it? Did they ask His permission or are they following His direction (there is a MAJOR difference). Are they getting it by biblical guidelines or going deeper into debit?

What you mistake for
self righteousness
Is the ability to show them that others made it out and they can too as we lead the way.

Showing love, compassion, grace…
It is funny how people on the outside thinks getting involved is the easy way, (and judge us for being mean, cold, judgemental). Getting involved is what puts the relationship in jeopardy the quickest with the most severe and extreme results. It is far from the easy way of doing things.
Addicts (as you called them) will only change by seeing the fruits of others when accountability is added to the mix so they have to follow through. You may have heard it called tough love.

And as far as not judging them by their actions,, how did Jesus say you would know them?
(His disciples are known by love – check out our Jesus in Matt 23 as He dispensed tough love).

He said we would know them by their fruits… what are their actions but fruits? As far as their fruits, read the letters of Revelation to the 7 churches, all but 2 were corrected and yet those two were cautioned in their future.
Let’s not over look the fact that the New Testament letters were written to correct errors and place the offenders back on the straight and narrow. Some of them were corrected and (threatened) rather harshly.

Measuring against themselves, not at all.
Measuring against the word and the stature of Jesus, yes.
Did Jesus come to get what He wanted while here on earth. (2 Timothy 2:3-4 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.).
How can they do that while not being a wise and faithful steward? How can they do that with bad spending habits and bound by debit?

As I said previously, it is deeper than most people think it is.
It is more than just a tattoo.
It is…
has (g)od told them to?
If they say that God oked it, did He ok it or did He instruct and direct it.
If he did, he whom? (Try the spirits whether they are of God).
You see we are not just instructed to not sin, but to lay aside every weight (Hebrews 12:1).

And again there is no offense taken.