I agree with every word you said. And no I do not condone any action against God’s word, against the guidance of the Holy Spirit, nor enable people’s ability to, according to the wisdom and understanding I have received. But all I’m sayings is that younger believers in maturity will not have the same amount of revelation, wisdom and understanding as a more mature believer. Which in turn, will place them somewhere other than where you or I am in their walk. I think I’m just having a hard time getting my point across and I don’t want you to misunderstand it. If the Holy Spirit hasn’t convicted them of a certain thing, then repentance of that is not available at that time. And all of that is brought forth by our wisdom and understanding of the word. So if the light/revelation of something has not been received then we are ignorant to whatever that may be. All I was getting at. Things will change over time with convictions and revelation. Our outward actions will change over time by the working of the Holy Spirit and Him alone. If we try to follow a rule or law by the ability of ourselves then it is done with the wrong intention and motivation, as not being led by the Spirit. Do you kind of get what I’m getting at? Lol. Sorry for the drawn out reply but I just want you to see what I’m trying to explain.