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OBAMA’s Final 100 DAYS

President Obama has put together a “to do” list for Congress that, if acted upon quickly, will create jobs and help restore middle class…

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TORAH CODES EVIDENCE about Obama and “asteroid”

TORAH CODES EVIDENCE about Obama and “asteroid” for 2015/2016 #Pentecostal #Christian #CHURCH Troy Day [03/01/2016 10:52 AM]Troy Day liked this on Facebook.

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Obama isn’t finished

Obama isn’t finished with his reign of terror. Could he be expanding from this nation to go world-wide?!? Interesting article invloving Obama and the…

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Obama condemns Palestinian violence

DIDN’T See this coming!!! (your thoughts?) Obama condemns Palestinian violence “in the strongest terms” DEBKAfile November 9, 2015, 6:28 PM (IDT) President Barack Obama…

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incredible John Kissinger [10/22/2015 5:05 PM]

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