Trump: Clinton, Obama ‘created ISIS’ Donald Trump says

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Trump: Clinton, Obama ‘created ISIS’

Donald Trump on Saturday said the policies of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “created ISIS,” the furthest the GOP front-runner has gone in tying the Obama administration’s policies to the rise of the terror group. “They’ve created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama,” Trump said.

Anyone still asking what Trump has to do with theology?

John Kissinger [01/03/2016 7:31 AM]
nothing in CT about that? wonder why William DeArteaga

John Kissinger [01/03/2016 9:10 AM]

John Ruffle [01/04/2016 5:56 AM]
Trump and Constantine. Interesting comparison.

John Kissinger [01/04/2016 6:24 AM]
what’s next? – crusades?

John Ruffle [01/04/2016 6:29 AM]
You’re jumping a few too many centuries my friend.

John Kissinger [01/04/2016 6:35 AM]
way ahead of my time is what you’re saying 🙂

John Kissinger [01/04/2016 9:25 AM]

John Kissinger [01/05/2016 8:09 AM]
David M. Hinsen

David M. Hinsen [01/08/2016 7:54 AM] This is interesting

John Kissinger [01/08/2016 8:11 AM]

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:12 AM]

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