30 Aug 2022

30 Aug 2022

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Document Outlines Biden Admin’s Plan To Give IDs To Illegal Immigrants
The card would replace “the current ad-hoc system”

Feds Declare Emergency in 4 States After Oil Refinery Fire in Indiana
The federal government on Aug. 26 declared a regional emergency affecting Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, following an “unanticipated shutdown” of an oil refinery in Indiana due to a fire.

Dried-Out Farms From China to Iowa Will Pressure Food Prices 
Drought is shrinking crops from the US Farm Belt to China’s Yangtze River basin, ratcheting up fears of global hunger and weighing on the outlook for inflation.

Pakistan Flooding Deaths Pass 1,000 in ‘climate Catastrophe’
Deaths from widespread flooding in Pakistan topped 1,000 since mid-June, officials said Sunday, as the country’s climate minister called the deadly monsoon season “a serious climate catastrophe.”

Americans One Crisis Away From Starvation
ANP received the following email a little over a week ago, and I have spent time researching the issue, which is meat prices, how they continue to rise and how a “surge” is expected, which experts are predicting will last years.

Czech President Blames “Green Madness” For Energy Crisis 
Czech President Miloš Zeman has blamed “green madness” for the energy crisis and warned that the abolition of cars with internal combustion engines will only prolong the agony.

Watch: IRS Coaching College Students on How to Take Down Small Business Owners
The Internal Revenue Service is recruiting college students by giving them a taste of what it feels like to take down a tax evader.

20 Million US Households BEHIND On Energy Bills: “Tsunami of Shutoffs” Incoming
At least 20 million households (about 1 in 6 American homes) are behind on their power bills. Soaring electricity prices are going to spark what is said to be the worst-ever crisis in late utility payments and result in a “tsunami of shutoff” just as the colder months of winter approach.

Even more reports surface: Pentagon demilitarizing US Army to shovel weapons into Ukraine black hole… 
Extremely concerning. More and more reports are surfacing of the U.S. military “demilitarizing” active duty units — stripping them of their weapons to send to Ukraine. One suspects big handouts to the defense military-industrial complex will soon be on the way — but with the collapse of manufacturing expertise, is the U.S. still capable of making these weapons at scale?

Belgian PM Warns “Next 5-10 Winters Will Be Difficult” As Energy Crisis Worsens
Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo might have spilled the beans about the duration of Europe’s energy crisis. He told reporters Monday, “the next 5 to 10 winters will be difficult.”

It’s all RIGGED beyond imagination: Deep state pushing for “blood in the streets” across America before Halloween – DON’T FALL FOR IT 
IMPORTANT: The failing intelligence deep state regime is desperately trying to save itself by provoking an armed uprising that can be blamed on conservatives and Trump supporters.

Europe officially records a shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA first approved COVID Vaccine for Children – The Expose
Official mortality figures for Europe show that there has been a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.

An International Group of Scientists Find Twelve Brands of Covid Injections Contain Hydrogel and Reduced Graphene Oxide
Poornima Wagh is part of a group of 18 scientists from 7 countries who have analysed 2,305 samples of Covid “vaccines” from twelve different brands. On Thursday, she discussed their findings in Part 3 of her Scamdemic series during a Global Conversations podcast hosted by Regis Tremblay.

In Order To Better Protect Against COVID, Starbucks Announces They Will Be Going Cashless From Now On With Contactless Mobile App & QR Codes For Payment 
Back in the 1990’s, there was a feverish excitement among prophecy watchers regarding the coming cashless society that everyone was talking about, certainly we were in the last days. We were close, but not quite there yet. But here on Day 896 of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve, we are there, and stuff is happening everywhere you look. Do you know that Bill Gates and his father are the ones who made Starbucks possible?

Blood damage explains many harmful impacts of COVID ‘vaccines’ 
Two key recent medical research articles, one from Italy and one from Germany, are used to document what may be the most important research finding during the entire COVID pandemic period.

Warning: Gates-Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes a Week for Release in 11 Countries
Inside a two-story brick building in Medellín, Colombia, scientists work in muggy labs breeding 30 million genetically modified mosquitoes weekly in labs. They tend to the insects’ every need as they grow from larvae to pupae to adults, keeping the temperature just right and feeding them generous helpings of fishmeal, sugar, and, of course, blood. They are then released into the wild in 11 countries.

American Drivers Go Deeper Into Debt As Inflation Pushes Car Loans To Record Highs
In second quarter 2022, the average loan amount for a new vehicle rose 13.21 percent year over year, to $40,290.

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