Years ago, I left YWAM but I did not leave…


Years ago, I left YWAM but I did not leave God. Three things that people in YWAM should think about.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 7:10 AM]
you’ve mentioned this before you left because of their heretical open theism

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 7:12 AM]
Mention it but never talked in depth about the other issues. I just wrote this a few hours ago .

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 7:18 AM]
the open theism topic with #YWAM is really a bummer

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 7:19 AM]
The issue with YWAM is bigger than just Open theism. Read the article. It is Tribalism.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 7:22 AM]
already did – tribalism is taking over fractures within mane line denominations as well; what ppl dont understand is that a tribe is a tribe only when it moves toward a cult. And yes there’s a definite move toward cultism in many charismatic churches today. I was just wondering for what reason #YWAM would chose open theism?

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 11:30 AM]
Tribalism is the biggest problems in missions today.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 11:39 AM]
Tribalism in missions has been a problem since missionaries like John Williams, James Harris, Thomas Baker, James Chalmers were murdered, cooked and eaten by tribal members while trying to spread Christianity…

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 11:41 AM]
Not what I am talking about…when you are loyal to your church and not the Holy Spirit… .thats a problem!

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 11:43 AM]
I am well aware of the thrives to make modern day Charismatic churches feel as a tribe, but the analogy was interestingly applicable 🙂

Charles Page [01/09/2016 3:55 PM]
Peter, good article. I have had experience working in close proximity to YWAMers in Europe as well as OMers in Turkey. Your observations coincide with mine as well.

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:06 PM]
It is something that needs to be said.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:15 PM]
I do wanna hear more about tribalism among charismatics. It’s starting to rub-off on pentecostal denominations as well

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:36 PM]
Pentecostals are the ones that taught them how to do it…. Church of God, Assemblies of God, Foursquare, Open Bible, Church of God in Christ, etc

Timothy Carter [01/09/2016 8:38 PM]
What is “Tribalism” ?

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:39 PM]
People who rally to their “tribe” instead of Jesus. Denominationalism

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:42 PM]
I remember a COG guy that told that I should read the COG minutes like it part of the Canon! I laughed my #$% off at him to his face.

Timothy Carter [01/09/2016 8:42 PM]
Ok Peter A Vandeveer what are you calling a “Tribe”?

Are you calling a denomination a tribe?

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:42 PM]
They would be….. could be any movement.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:43 PM]
more like a fraction within it I’d say

Timothy Carter [01/09/2016 8:45 PM]
God created tribes, 12 of them actually. So God started it. LOL

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:45 PM]
I use the term tribe ftom the OT…12 tribes that was very different but they was all still the kingdom. When people can’t see past their tribe to see the whole Kingdom; that’s tribism.

Charles Page [01/09/2016 8:48 PM]
How is tribalism different from nationalism or sectarianism?

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:48 PM]
So this is a bit sideways, but at SPS several years ago there was a scholar speaking toward developing Pentecostal theology from a native American perspective. Tribes were mentioned though in a different spiritual context than what seems to be discussed here, but then again…

Timothy Carter [01/09/2016 8:48 PM]
The article that Biblical just posted says that Tribe Churches are seeing the big picture of the kingdom.

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:48 PM]

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