Are Assemblies of God churches part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement

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I’m often asked the question, “Are Assemblies of God churches part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement?” My answer to the question about the Assemblies of God’s involvement with the NAR movement is, “It depends: are you talking about where the denomination stands, officially, “on paper” or where its churches stand in actual practice?”

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 7:51 AM]
The AG from Day 1 believed in the end time revival. Period.

Terry Wiles [01/09/2016 8:17 AM]
In practice there is a serious divide.

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:18 AM]
Most AG churches that I speak in believe in revival 100%.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:19 AM]
Peter wasnt AG believe in revival apocalyptic / pesymistic? Terry what exactly is the divide?

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:21 AM]
Back in 2000, the AG almost had a church split in KC over revival. The response to Resolution 16 was formed to bring the two (or three) sides back together.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:28 AM]
Endtime Revival–Spirit-Led and Spirit-Controlled A Response Paper to Resolution 16 This statement was adopted by the General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God on August 11, 2000.

Terry Wiles [01/09/2016 8:31 AM]
I was one of the original authors of that. It was finally adopted verbatim off the council floor.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:41 AM]
dont want to ji-jack Peter topic on tribalism (which I am very interested in discussing) but I do want to learn what was the big deal about AG revival Terry Wiles wrote about. Should we start a new thread?

Peter A Vandever [01/09/2016 8:43 AM]
Because most AG pastors are so dead in their religion and their ego are the size of texas….. it is easy to revival a Methodist church, they know they need it. Hard to revive an AG church, they think they are in revival….. 99% of AG dont even believe in the 16 fundamental truth today.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:45 AM]
#TEXAS mention 🙂 Ricky Grimsley John Conger Roger David


  • Reply July 14, 2018


    I find it an easy answer & odd how other commenters did not address it but instead started new conversations. The answer is simply NO to the question is assembly of God part of the new Apostolic movement for one reason that will always be the reason is Apostolics are set apart by baptism in Jesus name. there are some non denominational Churches that baptize in Jesus name but other than that few, Apostolics whether calling it (new) or old or current, are the only faith that baptizes in Jesus name whereas all other Christian religions do not baptize in the name but in the titles of Jesus. (he is Father, he is Son, he is HolyGhost. all these 3 are one) but as you see there is no name that is used in this baptism therefore there is no other religion to compare to Apostolics who base Christianity on the Church of ACTS where it was asked, what must we do to be saved? the answer is in Acts 2:38

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