Who is sanctified and holy?

Charles Page | PentecostalTheology.com

now that we have established that we know who is baptized in the Holy Ghost how can we tell who is sanctified and holy?

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 4:30 PM]
There is then in those arguments not only the fallacy of causa non causa, subjecto non subjecto, but also that of the inversion of cause and effect, of subject and adjunct, hence their refutation is most complete ~Jacob Arminus

Terry Wiles [01/09/2016 4:48 PM]
There’s a payday coming by and by. The books will be open.

Charles Page [01/09/2016 4:50 PM]
I have no doubt that a Dallas NFL player can be baptized in the Holy Ghost however can a Dallas cheerleader be baptized in the Holy Ghost?

Terry Wiles [01/09/2016 4:51 PM]
In some churches it happens weekly on the platform. 🙂

Charles Page [01/09/2016 4:54 PM]
Women wear pants on the platform and now you can’t tell who is sanctified and holy! Now it is a secret condition of the heart!!!

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 4:56 PM]
Terry you are putting fuel in a not so holy fire 🙂

Terry Wiles [01/09/2016 5:04 PM]

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 5:05 PM]
Charles do you know that Facebook now offers interpretation of tongues? Hey Facebook why is there no emoticon for Pentecostals on fire?

Brian Mathis [01/09/2016 6:12 PM]
Some of the discussions I have read on here makes me ask this same question. JK maybe

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 6:13 PM]
which same question?

Jimmy Humphrey [01/09/2016 6:20 PM]
Well, if they got the Holy Ghost, according to the 3 part experience of saved-sanctified-baptized then all Holy Ghost filled people of necessity got sanctified, since that’s the required order of operations.

Jimmy Humphrey [01/09/2016 6:21 PM]
“Because God can’t dwell in an unclean vessel.”

John Conger [01/09/2016 8:42 PM]
By their fruit and love for one another

Jimmy Humphrey [01/09/2016 8:43 PM]
(I don’t believe in a 3 part experience just to be clear)

Charles Page [01/09/2016 8:49 PM]
I believe in 3 or more part experiences.

John Kissinger [01/09/2016 8:51 PM]
Jimmy Humphrey I think Charles Page meant he believes in a 3-part rapture experience :)with one step closer to each of the heavens John Conger Timothy Carter

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