Which TRIBE was Jesus REALLY from? #ourCOG

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Which TRIBE was Jesus REALLY from? #ourCOG

Which TRIBE was Jesus REALLY from? #ourCOG

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:14 AM]
Rick Wadholm Jr brought a good article about all things Christmas here http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/the-myth-of-the-pagan-origins-of-christmas/

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 11:50 AM]
Rick Wadholm Jr

Rick Wadholm Jr [12/23/2015 11:53 AM]
What is the basis of the question?

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 11:54 AM]
#Christmas ? http://www.dramafever.com/news/why-are-these-single-japanese-men-rallying-against-christmas/ Corey Forsyth preached on the women of the genealogy and we did a lecture on the Historical Implications of the Tri-Generational Paradigm in the Gospels Represented in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Mt. 1:10-17)

John Conger [12/23/2015 8:47 PM]
If he’s not from Judah then we have a problem with the prophecies about the whole forever on the throne thing

John Kissinger [12/23/2015 8:48 PM]
Conger you still mess me up with your avatar – and if he is not from Levi we have a problem with priesthood procession 🙂

Bertrum Sage [12/27/2015 11:06 PM]
Mary and Joseph. …14 generations from King David’s line

Rick Wadholm Jr [12/27/2015 11:07 PM]
At least using Matthew’s math.

Bertrum Sage [12/27/2015 11:09 PM]
Ask him..when you see him…you will..ie. geat white throne

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 5:59 AM]
Matthew’s math 14 = 7 x 2 and 14 x 3 = 40 Bertrum Sage some people want to know now – do you know the answer?

John Kissinger [12/29/2015 7:20 AM]
why would Joseph’s tribe matter?

David Lewayne Porter [12/31/2015 10:16 PM]
The lesson tonight at our church:;

Hebrews 7:14
For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood.

John Kissinger [01/01/2016 6:40 AM]

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