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The Bible is the MOST SPECIAL THING Still not convinced of political theology?

The Bible is the MOST SPECIAL THING Still not convinced of political theology?

John Kissinger [12/27/2015 5:46 PM]
how can you NOT vote for this man David M. Hinsen ??? After all he’s a a total believer; literally everyone in TX love his wall Ricky John

Ricky Grimsley [12/27/2015 5:50 PM]
Im not buying his christianity.

John Kissinger [12/27/2015 5:53 PM]
but would you buy his Bible?

Ricky Grimsley [12/27/2015 5:57 PM]
Not a chance

John Conger [12/27/2015 5:59 PM]
Not a fan

John Kissinger [12/27/2015 6:01 PM]
John Conger is not a fan, but may buy Trumps Bible 🙂

Ricky Grimsley [12/27/2015 6:07 PM]
Voting may be lawful but it is not expedient.

Terry Wiles [12/27/2015 6:55 PM]
He’s a Presbyterian. Give the eternally secure guy a break.

David Smith [12/28/2015 12:07 AM]
Spoken like a true politician.

David Smith [12/28/2015 12:08 AM]
I’m not buying his faith, his policies or anything for that matter! What are the American people thinking?

Terry Wiles [12/28/2015 9:50 AM]
?Obama? Hillary? RNC establishment? Abortion? Same sex marriage? Sex changes? Supreme Court appointees? Political correctness? Right to bear arms? Free speech for Christians? Islam instruction for grade school children? Open boarders? Support of Israel?

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 4:25 PM]
war in Iraq? war in Afghanistan? The Iran deal? N. Korea nuclear situation? Turkey and NATO? Turkey in EU? China’s economic take over? borders with Mexico? migrant crises? WAR on RUSSIA?

Ricky Grimsley [12/28/2015 4:30 PM]
Politics is ridiculous. If you still think the bush was a christian and the republicans can save you then you have more homework to do.

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 9:03 PM]
well this time is Hillary vs Trump #final Jon Sellers

Vlad Stepanov [12/28/2015 9:06 PM]
He said he never needed to ask God for forgiveness. Now he’s playing Christian?

Terry Wiles [12/28/2015 9:30 PM]
Of course not. He is elect!

John Kissinger [12/28/2015 9:31 PM]
according to Charles Page GOD draws the elect with a hook

Charles Page [12/28/2015 9:32 PM]
God draws the elect through regeneration. The unregenerate need to be drawn with a meat hook. They are dead till regeneration.

Terry Wiles [12/28/2015 9:33 PM]
And sets them in positions of authority…

John Kissinger [12/29/2015 8:09 AM]
WP on the move this morning Jon Sellers

John Kissinger [12/29/2015 8:49 AM]
The intolerance spouted by Donald Trump may sell newspapers, but it won’t win elections David M. Hinsen

John Kissinger [12/29/2015 8:56 AM]
The 2016 presidential campaign has dominated our coverage of false claims. In particular, businessman Donald Trump William DeArteaga WHY did CT stop its coverage of Trump since august 2016? The only 1 article since then is on Ed Stetzer round up one day in December ?

Terry Wiles [12/31/2015 1:25 PM]
My dream team. Trump-president. Florina-VP. Cruz-Chief Justus SCOTUS. Christy-Sec. of State. Carson-Surgeon General. Trey Gowdy-AG. Rubio-Ambassador to disenchanted ethnic Americans.

John Kissinger [01/01/2016 6:42 AM]
Trump was not in my dream. Sorry, he’s fired 🙂

Terry Wiles [01/01/2016 8:10 AM]
Ok. You can have Hillary.

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