look here Alan Smith Melvin Harter 5am local time one texan Earl is up wake and busy inviting all pastors to juice up on the Sabbath before getting up and preaching on Sunday

it is an interested proposal – get the pastor drunk so he is not sober Sunday AM and blabs nonsense from the pulpit What’s new in the devils game? Joe Absher Isara Mo

Most heresies of our day in the church were born during theology on tap meetings where ministers intoxicate each other with spirits

They claim the first miracle of JESUS YET none of them can pour water in the glass pray and produce wine Seems those spirits produce NO miracles just hangovers Now then I would very much join ol Earl in TX and bring Ricky Grimsley along IF they can produce wine out of water Even the pope may join to watch but do they have the power?

naah – most of such theology on tap members are not even in the ministry … #noughsaid