What will it take to for Pentecostal churches to get it?

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Peter A Vandever | PentecostalTheology.com


What will it take to for Pentecostal churches to get rid of unbiblical dress code? Jesus takes us as we are, why can’t the church do the same?

David Price [09/19/2015 1:40 PM]
You know of churches like this? Where are they?

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 1:43 PM]
That keep all the extra-biblical dress? You missed my NCCOG article before they pulled it, I take it lol

Min Tim Pannell [09/19/2015 1:49 PM]
Holiness is not about what you wear but if you live Holy you won’t wear just anything… You will dress modest without anyone having to say a word…( if you have the Holyghost for real)

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 1:52 PM]
I am holy because Jesus is holy and His spirit lives in me 🙂

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 1:53 PM]
and modest is looking for at your getting wedding every Sunday?

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 1:54 PM]
Put on sackcloth, you priests, and mourn; wail, you who minister before the altar. Come, spend the night in sackcloth, you who minister before my God; for the grain offerings and drink offerings are withheld from the house of your God.

Min Tim Pannell [09/19/2015 2:13 PM]
Jesus lives on the inside of a lot of people but that doesn’t mean every part of there lives are submitted to Him either… I am not here to debate Holiness with you.. There are things that a man or a women will not wear or do because the Holyghost is Pure and so will the vessel He is in and wearing provocative and tight clothing that will cause or temt others should not be worn outside your own house or family…and not just clothes but others soul salvation should be our concern and not offend a persons faith with anything we do…

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 2:14 PM]
Adding a “dress code” to the bible is extra-biblical.

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 2:17 PM]
A local pastor told a girl this sunday that she needs to “learn how to dress”…. and he got the wrath of Peter in no uncertain terms. I just informed him how big of a idoit he is for believing extra-biblical holiness…. where would you rather someone that is trying to get her life right? The COG (in this case) or the bar? The church is a hospital for the sick, not a damn museam for dead religious nutjobs. #rantover

Min Tim Pannell [09/19/2015 2:23 PM]
I am talking about using wisdom on new converts or someone that comes to the church needing help or salvation you never turn no one away for anything! I am talking about seasoned people or those have know God and have walked with Him and are baptized in the Spirit will not do certain things or wear certain things in Gods house simply for the fact it might or would cause another to lust or whatever… We leaders should have enough discernment on who comes in our churches so we can minister to the level they are on and not run no body away…

Min Tim Pannell [09/19/2015 2:28 PM]
Eph 4:29 is another area we need to allow the Holyghost to help us to not just clothes

Michael Decker [09/19/2015 3:36 PM]
“Unbiblical dress code?” Based upon your premise it sounds as if you want people to dress is sackcloth. I finally understood what you were trying to say as I read the comments, but your argument is weak based solely upon your premise. The New Testament gives one dress code, and that is modest appearance. Personally, I do not want to see the 4, “B’s” when I come to church: (backs, boobs, bellies, and butts.). To say you have been liberated is one thing, and if you don’t mind looking at that is another, but there is certainly a modesty problem in some churches today… just saying.

Peter A Vandever [09/19/2015 3:39 PM]
I am not about to tell someone how to live out their freedom.

Edwin Mendez [09/19/2015 5:19 PM]
Actually, a dress code is perfectly biblical in a 1 Corinthians 8 context. If I dress in a way that is provocative and it causes my fellow brother and sister to sin, then I am not loving them. The “mindset” that is willing to restrict it’s own freedom in order to help another is perfectly biblical.

Jeremiah Wright [09/19/2015 5:53 PM]
if you spent 1/2 the time seeking the lost for Christ as you do whining about dress code. Everyone in your area code Michael Decker would be saved and in church. Really? Wasting time over a dress code? Keep your eyes upon the word and let God do the sorting. Seriously……..

Timothy D McCune [09/19/2015 10:23 PM]
Coming from the church your bashing, why should you be concerned how they “choose ” to dress on their own terms. The church I was raised in the women choose to dress a certain way. Yes the pastor taught that the Men and Women ought to present themselves a certain way, but it was always up to the individual to dress the way they felt was honoring God. I didn’t always do so and no told me I was going to hell for it. Some nosey members told me how they felt but I ignored those people. Anyway point is if they choose it why complain about it.

Alan N Carla Smith [09/19/2015 10:25 PM]
So of ‘the things’ that you want Pentecostal churches to change, CLOTHES are you main concern?

Edwin Mendez [09/19/2015 11:11 PM]
If the word of God truly changes your heart inwardly, than everything on the outside will change as well, including clothes. Jesus said, “CLEAN the INSIDE of the cup first, THEN THE OUTSIDE will be clean. Of course that doesn’t mean that everybody who follows a dress code is truly transformed but that you would expect someone with a transformed mind to also be transformed in every other area of their life subsequent to that. I am listing three chapters in the bible that refer to this aspect of someone’s life, that is 1 cor 8, Matthew 15 and 1 peter 3.

If you truly live out your freedom, that only means you are living life IN communion with the Holy Spirit. And to think The Holy Spirit WON’T convict you about being half naked in a church during worship only shows that you probably aren’t in communion with the Holy Spirit since there are 3 solid chapters in the Bible about this issue.

Although dress code isn’t a major concern, it is still an issue.

Peter A Vandever [09/20/2015 12:43 AM]
The problem with extra biblical codes is they exclude people from experiencing salvation. People will feel they cant come to church because they “have nothing to wear”

Alan N Carla Smith [09/20/2015 12:48 AM]
My point? When will Pastors, staff and Christians make adjustments to “Make Yehovah comfortable” rather than being more concerned about being seeker friendly?
C’Mon Man! Don’t drink the Kool-Aid Pete, don’t do it!

Anthony Lombard [09/20/2015 1:05 AM]
It’s amazing to me that we have grown from 120 to beyond 100 million and the dress code has not seemed to hinder growth. Perhaps it’s a personal hang-up that you can’t shake.

Peter A Vandever [09/20/2015 1:14 AM]
It has created a huge problem…. the Charismatic movement ditched and they are the ones that are growing.

Sandy Pederson [09/20/2015 4:09 AM]
I find it interesting that as a man you are presuming to speak for women. Is there not a question how men should dress modestly in this modern age? It is all about the heart. Your assumption that jeans for women is not “easier”. A modest dress for me does the job.

Peter A Vandever [09/20/2015 4:14 AM]
Jeans are far more practical in ministry. That is a given fact. Thank God for the charsmatic movement that made it ok to dress like a human and love God 🙂

Sandy Pederson [09/20/2015 4:16 AM]
Sounds like a personal preference to me.

Peter A Vandever [09/20/2015 4:17 AM]
In some ways…. other when about decency. Pants/jeans are more decent…. when a woman is laying on the floor getting hit about the power of God, those clothes don’t work the best 🙂

James Price [09/20/2015 11:40 AM]
A pastor in our town said this about how to dress. ” When you come to church, dress as if you will be asked to come up front and make an announcement.” This wouldn’t cure every poorly and inappropriately dressed person but it would be a start.


  • Charles Page
    Reply September 20, 2016

    Charles Page

    The Biblical code allows for a man to dance naked ecstatically before the Lord in front of everyone.

    • Jon Ray
      Reply September 20, 2016

      Jon Ray

      but only if he is a king of Israel

  • Charles Page
    Reply September 20, 2016

    Charles Page

    Today the ladies try to on stage in Church.

  • Grover Katzmarek Sr
    Reply July 17, 2017

    Grover Katzmarek Sr


  • Kenneth Gentles
    Reply July 17, 2017

    Kenneth Gentles

    There were still etiquette and customs that were observed, eg. the washing of the feet. Every institution has its customs, policies, ethics ant traditions.

  • Reply May 15, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    Peter Vandever asked this 2 yrs ago Not sure if he has gotten the answer just yet

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