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La Palabra De Dios |


John Kissinger [04/07/2015 2:20 PM]
Rick Wadholm Jr finally in public

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/07/2015 2:27 PM]
I had the pleasure of seeing the DSS exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota a few years ago. Loads of fun!!!

John Kissinger [04/07/2015 2:30 PM]
Already translated the beginning. It says: “In the beginning God…”

Rick Wadholm Jr [04/07/2015 2:32 PM]
I don’t know that there is a Qumran fragment with Gen.1.1 on it. 🙂

Dennis D. Niles [04/07/2015 2:35 PM]
A lot of people don’t know this, but we have a Qumran community near our church!

La Palabra De Dios [04/07/2015 2:43 PM]
I would like to know the website for this Qumran community you just mention , rev Dennis. Thank You

Dennis D. Niles [04/07/2015 2:44 PM]
Not sure if they are on the web yet, but I hear they might open up a pizza joint.

John Kissinger [04/07/2015 2:45 PM]
and I have a picture holding Codex Sinaiticus in my hands

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  • Reply May 6, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Not a Hebrew scholar but this is indeed a great read

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