Can a Christian have a demon?

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Can a Christian have a demon? Can light dwell with darkness?

First, let’s expose the most common argument against believers having demons… they say that light cannot dwell with darkness. This is merely an assumption with no real Biblical basis. The verse most often used to back up this theory is 2 Corinthians 6:14, and it’s speaking about believers marrying unbelievers. Is it saying that light ‘cannot’ dwell with darkness? No, it’s asking what communion (partnership) light can have with darkness. In other words, is a non-believer going to have the same spiritual goals in life as a believer? No. How can they partner if they don’t have anything in common spiritually? Are demons and God going to work together in a person’s life? No. Can the two coexist? Yes!

John Kissinger [09/21/2015 1:01 AM]
Christopher so do you believe a dual indwelling is possible?

Christopher Hart [09/21/2015 1:15 AM]
I do NOT believe a person can be a believer (indwelt by the Holy Spirit) and demon possessed (indwelt by a demonic spirit), no.

John Kissinger [09/21/2015 4:09 AM]
can you believe a believer can backslide and be possessed?

Link Hudson [09/21/2015 4:33 AM]
Satan filled Ananias’ heart, according to Peter. Now, did Satan fill Ananias’ heart with ideas, or did he get into Ananias’ heart? Satan entered into Judas, one of Jesus’ disciples (pre-cross, pre-resurrection, pre-Acts-2-Pentecostal). lot of the

Link Hudson [09/21/2015 4:35 AM]
A lot of the arguments against the idea of a Christian being demonized could be used to argue that it is impossible for a Christian to sin as well. How can sin and the Holy Spirit dwell in the same vessel? When people make the same argument with ‘a demon’ instead of sin, it is more often accepted by the hearers.

A major problem arises when someone who is apparently a Christian goes through deliverance. Do you declare the person unsaved? Does the person need to be re-baptized?

Also, the argumen that Christians can’t be ‘possessed’ by a demon because Jesus bought the CHristian and the devil can’t own him is just based on poor translation, or else translation that changed in meaning over time since 1611. The Greek more directly translates as ‘demonize’, while antiquated KJV says ‘possessed of an unclean spirit.’ Apparently the Greek has nothing to do with ownership…. with being owned by a demon.

Larry Susan Lowry [09/21/2015 9:01 AM]
Why must one argue for demonization in believers? Is it an excuse for sin to dwell and not live in the victory Christ provided? Is it a declaration that Satan is stronger than Jesus, and that they can co-exist? Possession DOES mean ownership. Most scholars will agree with the concept that possession denotes ownership. So, as children of God, we have been “bought with a price” (I Cor. 6:20), and therefore, cannot be owned by the evil one. Scriptures tell of being oppressed and vexed by the devil, which are different than being possessed by a devil. The two New Testament words for oppression are katadunesteuo, which means to exercise power over, and kataponeo, which means to tire with toil. The word vexed, ochieo, means to trouble, torment, or disturb. None of these words signify possession or ownership rights. Conversely, the word for demon possession is daimonizomenos, and could be translated “demonized”, and again recall that this word does represent ownership. There is no question that oppression and vexation are works of evil spirits, and they do attack believers. Yet, a reminder must be made that these activities come from outside of the believer. So, not only is the terminology different, but the source of control is diverse.
You take your demon and let him live in you. I’ll take the Blood of Jesus and live victoriously sanctified. This is not a haughty, condescending view, but a Biblical declaration. A house divided cannot stand. No man can serve two masters.

John Kissinger [09/21/2015 10:36 AM]
Larry Epistle of John does say that no sin can exist in the saved believer…

John Kissinger [09/21/2015 11:30 AM]
So what happens when the believer backslides and is not saved any longer thous still attends church service?

Herman Spencer [09/21/2015 11:32 AM]

Ricky Grimsley [03/15/2016 11:51 PM]
Certainly christians can be influenced by devils and still be saved but i dont believe a christian can be possessed. I listened alot to derek prince but i didnt alway agree with his analysis of this. Certainly not with a todd Bentley type scenario. Perhaps some sicknesses can be actual demonic manifestation but i dont know that i could biblically support a christian being possessed although obviously a messenger of satan was sent to buffet paul. I think that was a physical infirmity like blindness but i can’t prove that. Wasnt possession though.


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