Washing of Saints’ feet

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147) The ordinance of the Lord’s Supper-Washing of Saints’ feet – Finis J. Dake (GPFM Lesson 29)


  • Reply July 9, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    Good one good one Ricky Grimsley practiced by none no more especially in our AG Terry Wiles

    • Ricky Grimsley
      Reply July 9, 2018

      Ricky Grimsley

      We need to get back to this.

    • Reply July 9, 2018

      Varnel Watson

      Wondering why our AG never picked it up Link you ever been in a foot washing service?

  • Scotty Searan
    Reply July 9, 2018

    Scotty Searan

    Every Assembly of God that i have attended even when I was a child practiced foot washing At least once a year it was performed in the AG churches, so lookout when you say the AG don’t do it..
    I have been a member of two COG that did not have foot washing with communion.
    There is one church that I was a member the longest where the Pastor would have feet washing with 4 times a year. She pastored several different churches in her more 60 years of ministering. And it was performed every 3 months in every church she pastored every communion service she officiated over.
    She believed in it so strongly as a sacred ordinance of the church that when she had revivals the last service of the revival would have communion/footwashing.
    I believe that if we do not have foot washing in churches it is a sin of omission

  • Reply July 10, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    Scotty Searan you need to start naming names here bro. I have never been in a single one of our AG churches where foot washing was practiced regularly. I cant name one!

  • Terry Wiles
    Reply July 10, 2018

    Terry Wiles

    Been In AG for 71 years. Never once seen it practiced.

    • Reply July 10, 2018

      Varnel Watson

      thats what i said Scotty Searan

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