Liberal Protestant Denominations Dying

Liberal Protestant Denominations Dying

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Do churches decline without reason as though captive to impersonal forces of nature?

Perhaps so. At least according to a recent article in Minneapolis Star-Tribune. It reviews dying Mainline (i.e. liberal Protestant) Churches in Minnesota. There are a couple cryptic references to growing evangelical churches. And the Catholic Church’s in-state membership has nearly held steady amid national growth. (Read whole article here.)

One Response to Liberal Protestant Denominations Mysteriously Dying in Minnesota

  1. Donald says:

    Mark – This is exactly what continues to happen in the “Legacy” denominations, “It makes America sound like Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution,” or at least these denominations ‘as the Bolshevik Revolution continues’ within these denominations.

    The God of Abraham, et. al. that had no hesitation sending the Chosen People into multiple exiles for a lack of holiness and the Christ who warned the Church of Laodicea that he would “spew them out of my mouth” is not a Social Worker on Steroids.

    The blindness of the American Bolshevik’s who are running the Minneapolis Star, the Legacy Churches and much of our so-called Deep State lack the insight as to their own role in the consequences of their policies. I believe Old Testament calls this “hardness of heart.”

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