Messenger Confidentials: Surely God will not


“Surely God will not hear vanity, neither will the Almighty regard it.”
– Job 35:13

Two good conversations for Christ. One an electrical engineer from Denmark in town for a conference. The other a poor waif of a girl picking up cigarette butts, she couldn’t get in to the music festival and she was stranded. She got the better. She got a good thorough gospel presentation in love and clarity. Then she disappeared. I knew she wasn’t a angel because she was smoking.
Trump was late. No protests while I was there.
Tonight was a bust. I couldn’t compete with the 5 gallon bucket drummers. Tried another entrance. Nothing.
Tonight I failed. I fasted. I prayed for hours. Quoted plenty of chapters. Read plenty of chapters. Prayed in faith. In love. Repented of every possible thing I could think of. I called another street preacher and compared notes. Reviewed salvation verses. I’m standing there with several hundred people. Beautiful day. I got nothing. Not one drop, not one verse. Hours standing there praying, looking, listening. Nothing.
Must be a hard heart is all I can think of? It happens. No excuses. I just couldn’t. Lot’s of fire no spark? After wards I got broken, I laid down and cried, how could I be so hard hearted? then i wanted to go back. But it was to late. Failures and heartaches and vanity. That’s my life. I’ll try again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. God willing…

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