Brueggemann on WAR is an all time classic William DeArteaga Joe Absher HOWEVER I disagree with Nelson Banuchi on religion as the cause of all or most wars with some graphics and a list of non-religious regimes to count of lives murdered under each regime. What Steve Losee has posted on slavery is too absolute lunacy!

How about the Irish slaves, or the English and Scottish slaves? Well perhaps Germany should repay all of the insaneness imparted to the Jews, or Japan to the Chinese? Wake up humanity…we are blessed to enjoy freedom…and see the fruits of all of our labors! Looking in the past for what??? Never have seen anyone do well driving and always looking back!!!

now Isara Mo has written about defensive murder sounds great but is NO Bible in the NT Jesus was explicit and even Neil Steven Lawrence found no NT verse to back it The cited Rev 19 is calling us to wait on Jesus for his final judgment instead of taking things in our hands WHO CAN TELL it better than GOD ????