TRINITY: What Pentecostals believe? Compare to C.S. Lewis’ view?

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TRINITY: What Pentecostals believe? Compare to C.S. Lewis’ view?

Much as I love and enjoy the decency and humanity of liberty loving anabaptist unitarians, am feeling the Erasmus edition of new testament that ommited verse these three are one was defective translation later corrected in later editions as the whole new testament gives character to holy Spirit, gentle as a dove, easily grieved far different than human notion of the holy spirit being impersonal force or wind or electricity, the whole pentecostal movement been split by oneness /jesus only, seems God is both three and one at same time, like .length, breadth. height Give full honour to the father, creator/sustainer of all, in Jesus Gods son who was in the beginning with God, always was, is and will be our saviour, redeemer, and coming king, Jesus promiced us a “comforter” a guide to truth and holiness who fell upon the church at pentecost the former rain and promice of latter rain in season, summer sunshine is passing the Holy Spirit latter rain preparing revival harvest and reaping, just as virgin mary breathed in the word of God, manifested in virgin birth, son of God, the Holy Spirit is infused into life of forgiven sinners, cleansed, walking in purity, obedience,truth and righteousness, successive infilling/renewel. A divine mystery, beyond human comprehension but comprehensible, one cannot know where wind comes from but we can set our sails or windmill to direction of wind, we may find electricity or fuel vapourisation a mystery but we plug in tools or power appliances, fill a petrol tank in faith the fuel injection system will fire up the engine, all acts of faith based on proven experience of what works on scientific experience and observation

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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply April 5, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    C.S. Lewis? So typical for Hollywood Christianity 🙁

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