Pentecostalism defined vigorously

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Thangsan Hisfootstep |


Pentecostalism defined variously if not mistakenly: Anti-intellectualism, religious enthusiasm, psychological optimism, socio-cultural revolutionism, American institutionalism, ecclesiastical ecumenism. Comment.

Mark Biteler [03/11/2015 5:50 PM]
From what I can see across America, major Pentecostal denominations have embraced Willow Creek (Bill Hybels) and North Point Atlanta’s (Andrew Stanley) anti-demonstration of the power of God doctrine to reach this generation and have left their roots. I have never heard the last four labels used to define Pentecostalism.

Thangsan Hisfootstep [03/11/2015 9:45 PM]
Why say “cultural revolutionism” is for such as ordaining women, ordaining not necessarily on theological training any more, no formal order of worship in comparing with mainline churches, etc.

Thangsan Hisfootstep [03/16/2015 3:12 PM]
Why say American product is as much been discussed previously. Actually, it might not be. In fact, it is just a mistaken remark.

John Kissinger [03/16/2015 4:23 PM]

Is #Pentecostalism quintessentially AMERICAN?

Thangsan Hisfootstep [03/17/2015 11:37 AM]
When say Pentecostal movement, we can see it across denominational lines. Since 1960s Pentecostal revival seemed more globalized and as a new power wave swept over even mainline churches under a new title called Charismatic movement. This has made Pentecostalism that unites many different theological trends and denominational stands into a single word “revival.” Therefore, ecclesiastical ecumenism it is in another sense.

Thangsan Hisfootstep [03/18/2015 11:53 AM]
However, think that Pentecostalism is (and must be) more than those. Comment.

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