Transgender operations as “mental health” necessity

Transgender operations as “mental health” necessity

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William DeArteaga |


I suppose many of you are like myself, deeply troubled by the same gender marriage acceptance, and now, the next step, making transgender operations a “mental health” necessity. I would like to do a brief blog on this latter issue. The chief spiritual error/delusion is that personal thoughts and feelings are the principal guides to truth. This discounts the reality of demonic delusion and interference in the thought processes. Several years ago I ran into an account of a transgendered person who had gone through the various and expensive operations and then went to a revival where he (or she – I don’t remember) was instantly and miraculously repaired of the sex reversal and the mind cleared of the delusion that he or she was of the “wrong” sex. I did not write down the source. Does anyone have a citation for this or similar cases?

John Kissinger [08/06/2015 7:59 AM]
Only #SANCTIFICATION can resolve the spiritual error/delusion that personal thoughts and feelings are the principal guides to truth…

Fr. Chris Larimer [08/12/2015 4:57 PM]
It was reported in a book by Francis MacNutt. Not sure which one, but I’d start with his 2006 “Can Homosexuality Be Healed?”


  • Reply June 1, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    This is a good one William DeArteaga Joe Absher Now just about outlawed in some states

  • Joe Absher
    Reply June 1, 2018

    Joe Absher

    Tomorrow I believe is Mr DeArteaga presentation over at Fordham college. He’s been asking for opportunities and prayers. God bless the man of God shine the light of heaven on him and the glory of the Lord upon the people…

  • Link Hudson
    Reply July 2, 2019

    Link Hudson

    Those who gave the p a very high suicide rate. I hear that is why Johns Hopkibs backed away from it. This is bad for mental health.

  • Daniel Straasburg
    Reply July 2, 2019

    Daniel Straasburg

    Well then when I get low on money in the back does this mean I get to go to the bank and demand they give me free money due to it’s a “financial health and a mental health emergency”!!!!

  • Reply July 2, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    William DeArteaga has provided one great research Paul L. King

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