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Putting in a little work for Jesus today. As he is so Worthy. A busy corner, by the highway of life, in the inner city. I don’t want to be cold or mean or uncaring but I do ask, “are you living according to the flesh and sin” answer “yes, how did you know?” It’s not discerning of spirits or a word of knowledge it’s just the truth. God’s people struggle with sin. But I could tell he wasn’t happy with his life, or content and resting and trusting in Jesus Christ. But it wasnt a guess, generally speaking assurance of God’s work, a reverence for him, and victory over sin might be the most neglected teaching in the body of Christ. So I had a few conversations for Christ today. A couple of hours on the street presenting Jesus Christ and salvation. Some good verses. Some conviction of sin. Holding a position and making some difference in the great stream of life. No real opposition today. So far. I call it putting in some work for Jesus. So asked are still struggling with sin? And talk about the power of faith and God’s goodness and mercy​ and willingness to forgive and redeem. And how he gives us instructions for righteousness. How to overcome sin. He gives a heart and a passion to pray and turn from sin and rest and trust in Jesus Christ the Saviour. I ask “can I pray for you. Ask God to help you and give you holy desires and strength to resist temptation?” He says, “yes, how could you know that’s been my prayer? I was just reading about this!” I believe it’s the cry of man’s heart. Goodness, temperance, integrity. Most people can admit they’ve done wrong. Maybe it was inspired by the Holy Spirit but for me it’s encouragement. Sharing and giving testimony to the grace and hope and blessing of a sanctified life. The life and witness​ of Jesus Christ. “Oh death where is thy sting!”

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