The WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT through the BOOK of ACTS

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The WORK of the HOLY SPIRIT through the BOOK of ACTS

Acts 1: Ascention of JESUS
Acts 2: The promised power of Pentecost DELIVERED
Acts 3. church growth
Acts 4. prison break
Acts 5. finance management
Acts 6. benevolence ministry
Acts 7. church persecution
Acts 8. evangelism of gentiles
Acts 9. conversion of the enemy
Acts 10. conversion of gentile army officials – V-.4A-47 – Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit
Acts 11. The disciples first called Christians at Antioch

Acts 12. – V.7 – The Holy Spirit speaks through angels
Acts 13:2 – missions The Holy Spirit sets apart Bamabus and Saul
Acts 14 Paul stoned and left as dead,

Acts 15 Certain men preach circumcision as a requirement for salvation. The Holy Spirit directs the apostles not to accept this (28).

Acts 16 – Evil spirit of divination cast out by Paul (18).

Acts 17 Greeks join Paul and Silas (v4). The Thessalonicans show a commendable desire to search the scriptures personally (v11). Many believe (v12) and several are saved (v34).
Acts 18 Paul makes tents (3). Many believe the gospel (8). Paul has a vision (9) Apollos is equipped (25). Paul sets out on third missionary journey (22)
Acts 19 Some disciples receive baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time.
Acts 20 Eutychus raised from the dead (9) Paul exhorts brethren.
Acts 21 Paul warned not to go to Jerusalem by the Holy Spirit (4). Philip the evangelist has four daughter who prophesy (8)
Acts 22-26 testify before Kings

Acts 27 Paul warns shipmates of dangerous trip, but is ignored (9) An angel appears to Paul telling him about the trip (v23) – ship wreck
Acts 28 Paul survives vipers bite (4-3)


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