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Being ignored is hard but healthy.

At the corner with a liquor store, a tavern, and a strip joint. Then a few blocks up there was the alcoholic on a blackout. Bus stop. Cheap beer and “loosey” cigarettes. A natural hang out for drinking and panhandling.

I preached him sober. “Jesus breaks the curse of alcohol!” And kept preaching. Then the new man talked to him on the side. It was his first time sharing his faith. The drunk threw his cigarette in his face and hit him on the side of the head. Knocked his glasses off. The new man was rude and careless, he got angry when it happened and swore. I pray he learned. As I drug him away from the confrontation he wanted to be spiritual and pray for the drunk. I told him don’t pray for the drunk until you repent of your potty mouth and anger…

1 Samuel 2 is a great chapter it’s got a lot going on wow. I was like “no they didn’t” sleeping with the girls in church.

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