The Judgement of God is upon the ASTRALIA and all those who join it


The Judgement of God is upon it, and all those who join it.

Why is the judgement of God upon the it? Because its leaders seek to impose their laws on the nations….They intend do this by controlling world trade. We know this by God’s prophecy.

In the Bible, Revelation chapter 13, is all about a “beast.” In scripture a Beast symbolises a Kingdom” as in Daniel 7:23. This kingdom introduces an identity without which “no man can buy or sell.”… Trade. Revelation 13:17

Their political union aliance is motivated by the “dragon” as is said in Revelation 13 verse 4. Which symbolizes Satan, (as in revelation 12:9)

Note that when friends meet they shake hands, this is a sign of their unity. Likewise those who join it are showing their unity for the system and are spiritually marked in heir right hand. (as in Revelation 13:16) The punishment, of God is on all those thus marked. (shown in Revelation 14:9-10)

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