The First Pentecostal who achieved Ph.D. degree

Ilya Okhotnikov |

Today is a BirthDay of the 1st Pentecostal who achieved a Ph. D. degree – Dr. James M. Beaty! Congratulations on your BDay, Dr. Beaty! The Good Lord may continue to care for you, bless & enrich your life & your testimoney!

John Kissinger [01/30/2016 8:29 AM]
Gordon Fee is sometimes wrongly given this high title for his 1966 PhD from Seattle Pacific, but Dr. Beaty finished his in 1963 at Vanderbilt. Happy Birthday!

John Kissinger [01/31/2016 7:48 AM]
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Petko Ekov [02/02/2016 6:53 AM]
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