The Bible and Women

The Bible and Women

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This collection of essays in the Bible and Women series examines ancient noncanonical Christian texts for what they reveal about women, their engagement with Scripture, and attitudes toward women in various texts from the second to eighth century. Contributors focus on historical women and their active roles in early Christianity, women as rhetorical tools in male-dominated discourse, and female figures in early Christian mythologies. Ancient Christian Apocrypha: Marginalized Texts in Early Christianity is also available in paperback and hardcover.
More Titles in the Bible and Women Series

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The Jewish Middle Ages
Carol Bakhos and Gerhard Langer, editors

In The Jewish Middle Ages, contributors explore the ways in which the stories of biblical women, including Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rebekah, Zipporah, Ruth, Esther, and Judith, make their way into the rich tapestry of medieval Jewish literature, mystical texts, and art, particularly in works emanating from Ashkenazic circles. This survey of the portrayal of biblical women gives us a glimpse into the role women played and the authority they assumed in medieval Jewish culture beyond the rabbinic centers of Palestine and Babylonia.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

Rabbinic Literature
Tal Ilan, Lorena Miralles-Macia, and Ronit Nikolsky, editors

This volume in the Bible and Women series is devoted to rabbinic literature from late Jewish antiquity to the early Middle Ages. Using the most up-to-date methodologies of rabbinic literature analysis, some essays analyze biblical law and gender relations as they are reflected in the rabbinic sages’ argumentation, while others examine either the rabbinic portrayal of a certain woman or a group of women or the role of biblical women in a specific rabbinic context.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

Prophecy and Gender in the Hebrew Bible
L. Juliana Claassens and Irmtraud Fischer, editors

Both prophets and prophetesses shared God’s divine will with the people of Israel, yet the voices of these women were often forgotten due to later prohibitions against women teaching in public. Contributors to this volume focus on the roles of these women in what is known as the Former Prophets (Joshua to 2 Kings) and the Latter Prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Each essay considers women as subjects and agents of prophecy shaped by various phenomena in the Bible and the ancient Near East, the sociohistorical background of the prophetic narratives, and the complex intersection of prophecy and gender in the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

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