Is Cyber Warfare on the Horizon?

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David Lamon |


Is Cyber Warfare on the Horizon?
David L Lamon 1/8/2020

Is Cyber Warfare on the Horizon or Already Being Employed is the real question and the answer is yes, it is. Another question is this just in the interim before the prophesies given us about China or the kings of the east killing over 1/3 of mankind in the days we now live with nuclear weapons Rev chapters 9 and 16? I say nuclear weapons because of how the effects of nuclear weapon being set off affects the human being with his eyes melting in their socket and flesh melting away etc. etc.

I will say with the G-5 technology this is also possible and China says it has G-10 or 11 and ready to go. I say IMO it is both will be used. If a nation gains the capability to shut down computer systems that control weaponry, then they are like sitting ducks for the taking. And that is what the prophecy below IMO says will happen.

Just read one story among many that provoked thought about a prophecy I studied for years about this very subject Cyber Warfare and thought I would share it with you. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it makes sense. We know Iran has the capability to use cyber warfare and has been using it mostly in the Middle East in particular Saudi Arabia but Texas Attorney General revealed yesterday they had traced an onslaught of cyber-attacks traced to Iran. IBM identified malware with intent to do much harm to the communication system in America.

This story reminds of a prophecy in Jeremiah as it concerns the USA. First, I don’t think necessarily a cyber-attack against us has to come from Iran but it could come from Russia or China. Our intelligence has said they know Russia and China are jointly working and have been for a long time on “Cyber Warfare”.

The only question that is sure to surface is, is this America the prophet is talking about and I say yes because of how descriptive the entire prophecy is that fits no other nation on planet earth today. Add to that Isaiah 18 prophecy about America, the end time Babylonian system consisting of political and ecclesiastical domination or a One World Government system and Revelation’s disclosure and no honest person can make it fit any other nation than America. Too lengthy to go into detail here but study for yourself and you will see I am describing a nation that the prophecy fits like no other.

This prophecy is specific IMO about cyber warfare in our generation because it says “passage stopped” meaning communication systems to include high-tech weaponry that depends on computers. Chapter 51 continues, “Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take balm for her pain (vs. 8).” Yes, “The mighty men of Babylon have forborne to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women (vs. 30).” Another reason lies in the fact that terrorist saboteurs cause internal havoc in the nation. The Democrat Party is leading this effort as I write with their Open Borders Policy and denouncing our law enforcement agencies for stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, which is allowing terrorists to come across our borders.

Verse 32 declares, “the passages are stopped (communications disrupted from a cyber-attack on our infrastructure, which is run by computers) …and the men of war [military leaders] are affrighted [scared to death].” During the Kennedy administration America adopted a policy of war, which states it is a no-win situation or “mutually assured destruction.”

In our War College officers are taught this doctrine. “Passages” means “communication lines” and “stopped” is self-explanatory. The traitorous Judases will seize the lines of communication and stop all television, telegraph, and telephone releases. Radio, too, will be cut off. New York City’s past power failures give one a descriptive picture of what follows in the wake of sabotage. America is ripe for such terrorism. China and Russia are jointly working with technology that they claim will be able to disrupt America’s communication systems.

Real Time Scenario For Your Consideration

I realize many will say America can’t be nation described because we are a Christian nation. Okay I get that but I also know America is an open society freedom prevails to a large extent making Satan and his foes in human form desire to change that scene.

Destroying our ability to communicate would be devastating and force America to tighten its grip on our freedoms. This could lead in the name of survival to what we are seeing in the preliminary stage with the Patriot Act and the follow up law, National Defense Authorization Act that gives the government the right to violate the 4th and 5th amendment meaning due process is out the window as it concerns search and seizure. The catch is “probable cause” that makes it justified, but probable cause is like opinions and everyone has that.

So, you can see how this could come about making America take steps that rob us of our freedom. I believe this happens after the rapture of the church, so everyone should be ready to escape the wrath to come that is sure.

Ben Franklin told us, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Of late, we see in Iran and Iraq both have the capability to shut down the Internet and that has become a major source of communications, so this isn’t fantasy but is, reality. If these countries have that ability what about more advanced technological nations?

You must consider, almost everything in America is controlled via computers, so this is the area they are working on. The term for this dismantling of our communication system is known as “Cyber War”. Take heed, all these viruses and of late the “Red Worm” are leading up to this event.


  • Reply January 11, 2020

    Catherine Stevens

    Cyber technology is a vehicle for global unification, reversing the Tower of Babel where God divided the nations before to keep mankind under control.

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