Social responsibility of the Pentecostal Movement

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Bob Wizenhut |


What does our belief about how to deal with the poor and who has social responsibility say about our theology, our belief in God and who He is?

What would it look like if we followed Biblical principles as we work to pull Black America out of poverty?There are…

Публикувахте от Bob Wizenhut в Събота, 3 юни 2017 г.


  • Reply January 30, 2018

    Walter Polasik

    Bob Wizenhut: Well, you challenged me earlier to talk about DACA in terms of theology and not politics. I will yet do that. In the mean time your post here covers much territory. I will try to handle one thing at a time. You said, at the outset : “as we try to get black America out of poverty”. But that begs the question “How did black America get INTO poverty in the FIRST place?” Aside from time periods like that of slavery and after that Reconstruction and the reign of “Jim Crow” in the South together with bad attitudes towards blacks in the North in the 50’s, how. for the rest of our history AFTER those days, did black America manage to continue in the poverty line even after the granting of civil rights, various work opportunities and government help programs? How did Detroit, Michigan become what it is today? (And I’m not referring to the onset of the “Rust Belt” after the downturn in auto-production there)? How did Gary, Indiana become that? Camden, New Jersey? When we talk about how WE (all Americans) need to help Black America out of poverty, is there, in that notion, included the measure of responsibility by black Americans for their own status and plight? You mention work and the work ethic. Has a good work ethic always been present in the black community, at least since modern times? . . .

  • Reply January 31, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    Last night’s association of DACA dreamers with MS13 was uncalled for. Finding a common enemy is understood but come on…

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