Assemblies of God officially denounces all Neo-Pentecostals


It is important to note that the Assemblies of God deemed the Neo-Pentecostal Movement to contain heresy from the very beginning. The Assemblies of God officially denounced Neo-Pentecostal teaching, nearly splitting the denomination in the process. Other established Pentecostal groups have passed similar resolutions.


Terry Fischer If I can put in my two cents. There are three things in the list that I would not consider Neo-Pentecostal. 1. We have always had Apostles and prophets, so God is not restoring them. He has used men for 2 centuries that have been doing the work of an apostle and speaking out as prophets. They may not have had an official title, but nonetheless they carried out the work. We here in America are so big into titles. Why don’t we focus more on the work we are called to. 2. This one surprises me that any believer would think that denominationalism is of God. Paul rebuked the Corinthians for being of this man or that man. That goes for being of this church or that church. I do believe in being in a local assembly, whether a church building, warehouse or someones house. How did we ever get to the point though that we don’t believe we can be one church again? 3. The confusion with revelation is that often when revelation is mentioned, believers think that the person is talking about new revelation. I totally agree that there is no new revelation, but I totally believe that we learn by revelation. We can understand the Bible to some degree with our intellect, but the word comes so alive when God reveals it to you. So we must open our heart to receive those precious nuggets of truth from the Lord, when we read His word. hallelujah!

David Woods I have not read resolution 16. As far as revelation point that Terry spoke of, many times revelation is not the only thing you need. Sometimes you need information as well as revelation. Denominations can give great information when you are not getting revelation. Both are equally important. Also, I found that many are against denominations because somewhere in their life they felt rejected by them.

Terry Wiles Here is the resolution as made a position paper by the AOG. Hopefully this post will clarify what several are referring to but have never read. Enjoy.

Troy DayGroup Admin But lets clarify first that any Resemblance to this position paper/Resolution responding to tapes/manual received by AG churches is purely coincidental
David Woods Wow! I don’t even know where to start with this. Who is at the helm of these writings? Why are they letting a few sectarian doctrines break their focus on what is more important. I would rather a person mess up in personal prophecy and correct and teach them to throw a wet cold blanket altogether because of fear or jealousy or worse yet despising the prophecy. Pretty intense.
Troy DayGroup Admin easy David Terry Wiles was at the helm of it all BUT these writings are said to be in NO way connected to media influence from Florida revivals to major AG churches who waned to leave the denominational leadership order and go under Biblical apostolic leadership. No such tapes have been found [yet]
David Woods In every paragraph I can mention the name of individuals who they seem to be targeting. It’s just not my business to be the Theology police and govern church pastors. The beautiful thing about AG churches is their government style Presby vs Angelican. Each church is governed by a board and those churches are autonomously led. At first glance it seems that someone may have an overpowering need to police their churches. I could be wrong. I love the Assemblies of God even with all their drastic changes through the years.
Angel Ruiz Well David Woods I disagree we are all called to be theology police at least on core essential doctrine… It must be clear on who is teaching biblical doctrine and who is not….
Also it Is beautiful thing that churches have PRESBYTERIAN/ FEDERAL government style, where certain sovereignty is enjoyed… But only in matters of programing and catering to the specific needs of every individual local congregation. Not on matters of Doctrine… the problem with this style of government is that the leadership has no real Authority in guiding and correcting the local church. Resolution 16 is the Assemblies of God’s best attempt to keep local churches uniform in Pentecostal Doctrine
Troy DayGroup Admin Theology Police? Do tell…

Terry Wiles Theology police. Isn’t that what Paul told Timothy to oversee in his church?


Troy DayGroup Admin Theology police = Resolution #16 ?
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. So what is their big issue with Neo-Pentecostal churches? Is it just because they don’t subscribe to core denominational beliefs. Do they feel the same way about 3rd wave Pentecostal churches.

Troy DayGroup Admin Well Michael Ellis Carter Jr. we’ve been pondering on this one for a while it seems since Angel Ruiz posted back in 2015. Biggest issue of neo-Pentecostalism may be that is no-Pentecostalism at all

Michael Ellis Carter Jr. See Troy Day i am afraid that the big issue is a lack of denominational connection. It seems that Pentecostals by in large enjoy fighting between each other. Most neo Pentecostals seem to believe with the basic idea of speaking in tongues 
Terry Fischer It seems like here in the Southeast part of Wisconsin where I live that many of the pentecostal churches exchanged the power of the Spirit for man’s intellect and his clever programs and devices.
Angel Ruiz Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Yes most Neo-Pentecostals seem to believe in the basically idea of speaking in tongues and the infilling of the Holy Spirit… The disagreements is they hold any spiritual experience as the evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit 
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Partially… third wave includes any church that has come into teaching Pentecostal doctrine without being connected to either of the first two waves
Herrnhut Morton The AG did the same thing the Nazrene did to us. It was wrong. Secondly, the AG condemned the Latter Rain movement, not the Charismatics. Two completely different movements.
Angel Ruiz Michael Ellis Carter Jr. That is why the fall under Neo Pentecostal..well what group do u adhere to that Nazarene church did the same to you…Also the Latter Rain movement is the 3wave or Neo Pentecostals
Herrnhut Morton The AG condemned (wrongly) the latter rain revival of 1948…. they did not condemn the third wave movement that came about in the early 1980’s. As far as the Nazrene comments, they were praying for revival in the early days of the 20th century but condemned the Azusa Street Revival. Third wave would be people who do not preach pentecostal theology but believe in pentecostal experinces. simply better put as the vineyard.

Terry Fischer Could you really post which name correspond to which paragraph in the Resolution This will be really helpful 

Herrnhut Morton You put too much accent on Vineyard. They were long gone by that time. Except maybe Prince, not Joseph
Herrnhut Morton For the record, Resolution 16 was bonehead move by the AG and downright disrespectful to be done in Kansas City. In my opinion, NOT of the General Council’s finest moments.
Troy DayGroup Admin There were too many churches leaving AG to waste time on being delicate or diplomatic. The Kansas 4 were long gone. The Vineyard 5 or 4 were all compromised. AG had to control the story or split
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. As someone who studied this very deeply because unfortunately I had tomorrow several papers on this. I would suggest for some of you to revisit the definitions and distinctions of neo Pentecostal and third wave. I also suggest researching it from outside 
Troy DayGroup Admin Michael Ellis Carter Jr. PM the papers Lets post them for discussion You are not wrong on the archaic non-Biblical government structures Sorry Terry Wiles but you may actually agree
Terry Wiles Troy Day and Michael Elis Carter Jr. Don’t kid yourselves. The “third wave” Gen X, Gen Y has its non biblical government structure also. For the record, Resolution 16 was not done in Kansas City. It was in Orlando that it was presented at the General Council.
Michael Ellis Carter Jr. Terry Wiles I don’t mean to suggest they don’t have non biblical structures as well,however most of what we disagree with at times is what we deem non biblical. We can’t call things out just because it’s different. God never intended for one man to run his church. You can’t even find that in scripture. Congregational models have nothing to do with spiritual oversight but the sharing of responsibilities. We see this in the books of Acts. What we can’t argue is the fact that this nation needs revival and neither generation is starting one.
Terry Wiles Michael Ellis Carter Jr.
I’m sure we agree on most however the media we use limits us. There is constant revival of something. The important points for a leader to have discernment on are is it sound doctrine and does it promote the common salvation. Social media does not promote either by laying every wind of doctrine constantly before everyone. Every pastor has a responsibility to protect the flock that the Holy Spirit has made them overseers of. May God give us the wisdom and discernment to lead and guide His people in these trying times. All for souls.

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