So why do Pentecostals like Barth?

Henry Volk |

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:24 PM]
well Steve Wright just completed a course with N. T. Wright so maybe he can tell us more about this (after church of course 🙂

Barry G. Carpenter [06/24/2015 7:24 PM]
Finney and Bart are two very different animals as Finney was Pelagian (denies the effect of the Fall of man and the necessity for positive (God-given) grace in salvation.

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:26 PM]
Finney is often accused of sounding like a ‘Pelagian’, as his goal was to stir others to their responsibilities in Christ. But he nowhere asserted that man was basically good, and he everywhere asserted the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the experience of Christ and salvation. However, Finney really wasn’t an Arminian. He attacked Calvinism in response to the passive apathy that was caused by the hyper-calvinism that was prominent in his time. Yet most Calvinists would not have a problem with his writings on ‘election’ in his “Systematic Theology.’”

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:28 PM]

Barry G. Carpenter [06/24/2015 7:32 PM]
Finney, “Systematic Theology”: “”We deny that the human constitution is morally depraved, because it is impossible that sin should be a quality of the substance of the soul or body. It is, and must be, a quality of choice or intention, and not of substance. To represent the constitution as sinful, is to represent God, Who is the author of the constitution, as the author of sin. What ground is there for the assertion that Adam’s nature became in itself sinful by the fall? This is groundless, not to say ridiculous, assumption, and an absurdity.” (sorry I have to go to work now, hope to pop back in later, God bless”

Henry Volk [06/24/2015 7:33 PM]
^ ultimate conclusion of the Moral Governance theory of the Atonement.

Charles Page [06/24/2015 7:34 PM]
clearly Pelagian, right?

Henry Volk [06/24/2015 7:34 PM]
Yep lol

Henry Volk [06/24/2015 7:35 PM]
From what I’ve read of Finney, he seemed to vacillate between Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism.

Pentecostal Theology [06/24/2015 7:45 PM]
Steve Webb recently did a study on Barth and may be he and David M. Hinsen can share their opinion with us after church?

Eldred Jenkins [07/02/2015 9:27 AM]
I clicked the link. It says no content found.

Charles Page [07/02/2015 12:44 PM]
they like him because they have heard the well know sermon illustration: “Jesus Love Me, This I Know” who ain’t heard that?

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