SABBATH DEBATE: Calvinist vs. Arminian

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HERE WE GO with the SABBATH DEBATE: Calvinist vs. Arminian
Which one are you? Why?


Christopher Hart [02/21/2015 4:11 PM]
Sabbath debate?

As to Calvinist vs Arminian. I am Arminian. Wesleyan Arminian at that. I do accept Calvinist as grow believers. I also realize that such extreme application of eternal security is NOT typical of the actual, historic position of those who espouse it.

As for suicide, its a tough one. On the one hand it is murder. On the other there is the likelihood of mental illness and in such cases the individual may not be sufficiently stable enough to be morally responsible for their actions. However it is the height of stupidity to boldly proclaim as much to a congregation — especially when someone might act on it. That’s horribly tragic.

Pentecostal Theology [02/21/2015 4:14 PM]
[SIDE NOTE] There were at one time Pentecostal Sabbatarians (not Adventists) who practiced foot-washing. I am yet to find out where they came from and what exactly was their #Sabbath deal…

James M. Henderson [02/21/2015 6:06 PM]
Perhaps they were Church of God (Cleaveland, TN)?

Pentecostal Theology [02/21/2015 6:13 PM]
The foot washing would give it away, but no. They operated in Constantinople when AG missionaries to Russia arrived there

Jim Harris [03/02/2015 1:01 AM]
it was a custom to demonstrate love, humility, friendliness to wash another’s feet in Jesus time. The churches that continue to have foot washings consider it a Christ-like act among their brothers (and the women do so separately). This ritual is not practiced often among any Pentecostals or others. But then most Pentecostals are not as separate and different as they were 50 years ago. They have merged more into the practices of the mainstream Protestants such as Baptists, Methodists, etc., taking much of the demonstration of emotion out of their services (and daily lives so far as religious actions are involved) much like the USA itself has driven the religions of the founding fathers out and replaced them with……..

Paul Ray Mitchell [03/18/2015 7:39 PM]
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