Pope Francis: “don’t take the weeping children from Temple!”

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We could post some words of Pope Francis uttered by him a few days ago, with the clear awareness that will appeal to some and certainly there are those who would feel personally affected.
In our parishes meet parishioners who do not approve of weeping and running children in a church during the liturgy. «They hinder community!» – this replica can often be heard in the Bulgarian Catholic temples. Or: «here is not a daycare!» – will say «solid» Catholics. Whether to get the kids out of the temple and bring them in it as I get older, when it may be too late? Our personal peace of mind is more important or to bring the kids to Jesus, as he himself wished? How real is our piety engrossed and righteous stand «knees and with reduced head», if mr??im at the sight of the trail running child? The answer to all these questions gives the below statement by the Pope himself. If it does not learn, you need to think about whether or not we into the «righteous» from the Gospel, known as «the Pharisees»! Or maybe you’re into the «parish Secretaries», as the Holy Father?

During apostolic visit to the Roman Township «St. Archangel Michael» this Sunday, Pope Francis met with parents of children from the parish. Especially memorable you will discover the following words: «I like when I hear kids crying because it is a promise of life! When the crying child, when during the mass the children begin to cry, some «parish Secretaries», unfortunately, will say: «Quiet, get them!». No, they have to stay there because this is actually a God’s sermon, sermon of life».

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