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William DeArteaga |


I was surprised how well my suggestion to start prayer stations has been accepted. I have received many positive comments on FB (and a few jeers) and many hits on my blog. I pray that will lead to many active prayer stations and the spread of the Good News all over the US and abroad. Let me add that public healing prayer, and healing prayer in general, can be more effectively done by following the guidelines laid out by Charles and Francis Hunter, a now deceased Pentecostal healing couple. They discovered what is obvious to a plain reading of the NT. There are no “please heal” prayers there. It is all done by command in the authority of the name of Jesus, as in “Be healed in Jesus name!” Further they were attentive to the flow of the “energies of God” in healing and discovered that certain strange but effective ways of the laying on of hands, as in arm and leg extensions, were especially effective in healing back problems. I have found this way of healing prayer to be especially impressive to non-believers as it is immediately effective. After they are healed of a serious back situation, they are open to the Gospel as a whole. Here is my posting on the Hunters and their discoveries:

The Hunters Revolutionary Christian Healing Ministry One would think that after over a hundred and fifty years of deve…


  • Reply June 20, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Remember watching their videos long time ago…

  • Steve Losee
    Reply December 16, 2018

    Steve Losee

    looks like Wigglesworth

  • Reply December 16, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    they dont come like him no more

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