God led me to share miracles

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Kelly Zachary | PentecostalTheology.com


My name is Dr. Kelly Zachary-Arnold and God has led me to share the miracle He performed in my life, so that He may receive glory and everyone will know that no matter what our problems are, and no matter how bad the world is, that our Lord God is the Alpha and Omega and He IS IN CONTROL!
8 months ago I was diagnosed with Stage IV Diastolic Dysfunction Heart Failure. I’ve had three heart attacks, and I had Mitral Valve and Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation. I also have Atrial-Fib. I was in the hospital when my heart failure was so bad, the doctor had the Crash Cart brought in because they expected my heart to stop at any moment.
My cardiologist, who is Hindu, wanted to do a Cardiac Catherization on me to tell me exactly how much longer I had to live, but he had told me that I had less than a year to live, and the way I was deteriorating, it was probably more like a month or two.
But our God has the finally word, and as Satan tried his best to kill me, God looked down and said, “No! This is my child and you CAN’T have her!” My Pastor Jerry Price and Sis. Ann prayed for me and the rest of the story is no less than a miracle and a medical mystery that has shaken doctors to their very core, and tested their faith in medicine.
I wrote a book, “Less Than a Year to Live” and it is coming out in the Fall. However, we do have the “Prologue to a Miracle” that you can read at no cost. It includes the prologue to my book and is quite compelling. Click on the attached link to receive your free copy of the prologue. This is a book that will touch believers and shake the non-believers! The chapter on when my Hindu doctor spoke with me will have you laughing and praising God! Be sure to give a copy of the book to any non-believers you know. It will challenge their belief system and have the wondering, “Maybe God really does exist!”
Dr. Kelly Zachary-Arnold

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