Reports of three separate MASS terrorist attacks

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William DeArteaga |


The news today has opened with reports of three separate but perhaps coordinated Islamist terror attacks, including one on a mosque in Kuwait. All this is horrible, but it is also an opportunity for the evangelization of the Muslim peoples. No, I’m not crazy. The Holy Spirit is moving in a mighty way among the Muslims in dreams, visions and personal invitations to accept Christ. Our job is to pray for this to increase, pray for more indigenous pastors, the even greater success of Christian satellite ministries, and especially for the great numbers of Muslims who are disgusted but the violence of terrorism to be receptive to the Gospel. I am re-posting a blog on how to pray for these intentions.

John Kissinger [06/26/2015 10:01 AM]

John Kissinger [07/10/2015 10:31 AM]
In chapter 8 (“The Next Crusade”) P. Jenkins discusses inter-religious relations, particularly between Christianity and Islam

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