Pinochet ally, foe of Liberation Theology and The Vatican

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Pinochet ally, foe of Liberation Theology

The Vatican official responsible for several controversial recent decisions on liturgy is a conservative Chilean who first came to prominence through his opposition to liberation theology and his support of former president Augusto Pinochet. Medina was part of the reaction in Latin America against liberation theology, a movement that sought to align the church with demands for social justice. Medina joined conservative prelates who met in Santiago in 1985 under the leadership of Colombian Archbishop Alfonso López Trujillo to produce a document known as the “Andes Statement.” It denounced liberation theology as a Marxist perversion of the faith, claiming that it advocated a conflict between the “popular church” and the “hierarchical church.”

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 8:18 AM]

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 8:19 AM]
John Ruffle In 1984 through “Instruction on Certain Aspects of the ‘Theology of Liberation,'” and similar documents employing the voice of Cardinal Ratzinger, leader of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, John Paul II officially articulated his reservations about some forms of Liberation theology supplanting traditional Catholic doctrine.

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 11:35 AM]
Also some good information here John Ruffle This pope opposed liberation theology and base communities in Latin America—that theology being the grassroots church that took seriously the teaching of Vatican II that the church is “the people” not the hierarchy. Many heroes of that movement were killed and tortured throughout Latin America—Oscar Romero being the most visible. Bergoglio was nowhere to be seen standing with them. Quite the opposite—he fought liberation theology tooth and nail as head of the bishops’ conference and he was an effective instigator of papal attitudes in this regard (the CIA under Reagan linked up with Pope John Paul II to kill liberation theology as I prove in my book, The Pope’s War).

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 12:31 PM]
Topic of importance: more and more New Apostolic Reformation #NAR congregations start looking toward the pope and Catholic church

John Ruffle [01/26/2016 1:09 PM]
Liberation Theology as promoted by Leonado Boff was anti-Christian and demonic.

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 1:26 PM]
interesting – some say KGB created it but Henry Volk has not confirmed that yet

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 2:43 PM]
Henry Volk there’s plenty of evidence of Marxism in Liberation Theology. Just keep on reading, brother

John Kissinger [01/26/2016 6:56 PM]
Henry Volk JUST IN n via CrossTheology: Pope asks Protestants for forgiveness for persecution BUT will he ask South Ameica to gorgive Liberation Theology?


  • Varnel Watson
    Reply June 6, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    Henry Volk Many question the bad that has come out from liberation theology but here it is sticking its head up again with Pinochet and The Vatican

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