Though penned by Luke, the primary author of the book of Hebrews is almost certainly Peter, the only one who could have written to the church in Judea with such authority as this letter contains.

The occasion was to encourage the church in Judea who, after the martyrdom of James, are having to meet outside the city instead of worshipping at the Temple as they had formerly done.

The style is most definitely Petrine. Likely, Paul was also present at this writing as was Theophilus, warden of the prison and new convert to the faith. Luke adds a postscript concerning Timothy’s release. Likely, the obscurity of the author was to protect Theophilus.

Luke probably plans to travel to Judea to bring them the first New Testament, minus the gospel and letters of John and the book of Revelation. Jude probably wrote his little letter on the occasion of the reception of the first New Testament. The church in Judea already had the book of James.