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Early Thanksgiving break pop-quiz Rick Wadholm Jr Multiple choice question (5 points): Chose one of the following

A. Souls of departed evil B. Disembodied spirits of the pre-Adamic race C. Offspring of angels and women D. Fallen angels

Corey Forsyth [11/25/2015 5:52 AM]
What book are we looking at here, please?

John Kissinger [11/25/2015 5:56 AM]
Ryrie Study Bible – notes on the back

April Walker [11/25/2015 6:28 AM]

Rick Wadholm Jr [11/25/2015 8:23 AM]
E. None of the Above. ?

John Kissinger [11/25/2015 8:24 AM]
Prof. Rick going for E – the essay answer Timothy

Corey Forsyth [11/25/2015 8:26 AM]
Yes.. Essay answer to engage the intrigued mind 😀

John Conger [11/25/2015 9:06 AM]
Excellent question! Obviously no proof no matter which way we go but I’m going with b since I believe the whole 1/3 of angels falling thing hasn’t happened yet.

Ricky Grimsley [11/25/2015 9:17 AM]
I believe c and possibly b. However i dont see how it cant be one of these.

Ricky Grimsley [11/25/2015 9:28 AM]
Evil spirits dont have their own bodies so they are not angels. It seems highly likely that the angel human hybrid is the answer since they could be viewed in light of jesus. Do we not believe that jesus was born without the sin nature because the curse of sin passes down from the father? The angel/human hybrid had eternal spirits housed in flesh with no soul. Perhaps as adam may have been if he had eaten of the tree of life in his fallen state. Spirits cant actually die. So they are somewhere.

John Kissinger [11/27/2015 8:01 AM]
what is an “angel human hybrid” ?!?

Ricky Grimsley [11/27/2015 8:46 AM]
The giants of genesis 6 and some later. I use angel/human hybrid because in many circles people quibble about the term nephilim and rather or not if it applies to the fallen angels and their offspring or just one classification.

John Kissinger [11/27/2015 8:48 AM]
so are you saying that just like Jesus was born of the spirit, the nephelims were born from non-sexual spirits i.e. angels?

Ricky Grimsley [11/27/2015 8:55 AM]
I do not believe the angels are not sexual. I believe when appeared in human form that they were anatomically correct. I also believe that the first angels that did that were punished as in jude 6. Honestly i think its always been about building an army and corrupting god’s order. I think possibly that instead of traditional sex, now the angels pose as aliens and abduct people to create their monsters.

John Kissinger [11/27/2015 10:48 AM]
There are demon spirits for every sickness, unholy trait, and doctrinal error known among men. They must be cast out or resisted in order to experience relief from them. Disease germs, which are closely allied with unclean spirits, are really living forms of corruption which come into the bodies of men bringing them to death. Just as refuse breeds maggots, so man in his fallen state of corruption breeds germs through unclean living and contact with corruption in the fallen world. They are agents of Satan, corrupting the bodies of his victims.

Timothy Carter [11/29/2015 1:46 PM]
O wow DaKe strikes again LOL

Timothy Carter [11/29/2015 1:46 PM]
CarlandCandice Kincaid please explain THE truth

John Ruffle [11/29/2015 3:12 PM]

John Ruffle [11/29/2015 3:14 PM]
Amazing how folks here can’t answer a simple one-letter question.

John Kissinger [12/04/2015 8:10 PM]
Ya’ll were wrong. I just saw an angel and SHE was in the park

John Kissinger [12/06/2015 4:56 PM]
Timothy Carter Not too sure if the bearded guy front central is the angel of the lord or Charles Page

John Kissinger [12/08/2015 3:54 PM]
Alan N Carla Smith well now with the newly introduced theory of two Bethlehems Ricky Grimsley and I have been wondering if one Bethlehem had a lady angel and the other one had Charles Page

Charles Page [12/09/2015 1:07 PM]
if it was a lady angel she wasn’t wearing pants!!! They would love to be like CoG ladies but God won’t let them!!!


  • Reply March 25, 2016

    Brian Crisp

    Demons are the spirits of the nephelum. But they as well can be the spirits of a pre adamic race of people since demons are different shapes and sizes

  • Reply June 19, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    were you asking about their origin and fall? Jim Price

    • Isara Mo
      Reply June 21, 2019

      Isara Mo

      Troy Day
      A. Souls of departed evil B. Disembodied spirits of the pre-Adamic race C. Offspring of angels and women D. Fallen angels..//
      They could be any or all of this stuff…

    • Reply June 21, 2019

      Varnel Watson

      Isara Mo The OP answered a question asked by Jim Price but I am not sure that he clarified any distinct approach

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