So Katherine Stewart, in her NYT hit piece on Trump and Christians reaches back to an 1871 sermon from Robert Lewis Dabney, in which he is asserting his view that the biblical record of creation supercedes the emerging science of geology and Darwinism. That was a protracted debate at that time with many solid theologians and pastors wrestling with the emerging conclusions and theories about the earth and of course evolution.
Are we to conclude that the thinking among Christians has not progressed or become engaged with science since then? Stewart wants to equate Dabney’s concerns with modern concerns about the very political movement of environmental radicalism. The actual science of climate change is deeply and internally conflicted. But the political agenda is all about taxing Americans and giving our money to the UN so they can push their agenda. Trump was right to pull out of Paris Accords. We can improve our carbon footprint without the UN.

And Christians today are very much engaged in wide ranging debate over geology, age of earth science, evolution, cosmology etc. Christians today love science. We love all the tech, medicine and other benefits we get from it everyday. Do we have to agree with all he metaphysical and philosophical conclusions secularist scientists hold in order to support science itself? No! Is there an atheistic, anti-Christian bias in much of science writing today? Yes!
But according to Stewart if we don’t accept the philosophical and political conclusions we are in “denial of science and critical thinking”
No, we just see clearly the difference between actual science and politics.

Then Stewart, having established her point that Christians generally are anti-science, deniers, irrational, unable to think critically, etc, next targets pastors and leaders who may be to some degree in the larger orbit of people supporting Trump. These pastors dared to take a stand of faith and valued gathering for worship over the fear of sickness. That is a controversial decision and is open to criticism from other Christians. She wants to make it a public health issue that their stand could and did contribute to Trump’s failure (in her mind) to take Coronavirus seriously. These are dangerous Christians because they are religious nationalists. This reminds me of Chris Hedges’ attacks years ago against Christians as nationalists and fascists because some dared to suggest that Christians should influence the general values of our culture. Oh my! The horrors of a culture with Christian values!!!!
D. James Kennedy was a favorite target of Hedges back then.

Not satisfied attacking Christians in general and prominent pastors she then has to attack Christian believers within the Trump administration. How dare they want to bring Christian values such as pro-life into government decisions and policy. We are SECULARISTS don’t you know. SEPARATE CHRISTIANS FROM GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wants to connect all these dots into some vast cabal of Christians who influence Trump everyday and will destroy her beloved secularist vision. Her arguments are facile and based on her generally negative characterization of Trump’s person, character and decision making.

The truth is that Trump is taking the virus seriously. He is listening to the medical and science experts. He is making good decisions to mitigate and deal with this threat. Not every hiccup along the way is Trump’s fault. When he stopped flights from China the Dems called him xenophobic and racist. Do they want to let thousands of Chinese come in now? No. Trump acted correctly in shutting down flights, closing our borders, recommending social distancing, pushed for rapid medical development of treatments and vaccines, pushed for industry to make more supplies, pushed for economic relief, etc. Now he wants to find a way to not keep the country shut down for months. That is also necessary. But the endless criticism of every word and deed from Trump no matter how correct or good it is will not cease.

We need to be praying for him every day.