Context? Telling me about when? What did you tell me about it?

Do you like to resurrect the dead? Threads that is.

I was actually thinking about a thread on Montanist ideas of prophecy versus Pentecostal, the idea that the Montanists, apparently, thought prophecy could re-write the rules for marriage. They apparently forbade widowers and widows from remarrying based on a prophecy.

I was going to mention a certain poster’s idea that old marrying young was forbidden as an example without naming his name, saying this was the Father’s heard on the matter.

I also knew a church planter widower who remarried a woman 25 or so years younger than he was, a young Russian woman pastor who saw him at a conference, the pastor who’d planted their church, and believed God spoke to her that they were to be married. She told her mom, and she got the ball rolling. He was really eager. (My wife and I had tried to match him up with an ethnic Indian intercessor from the same country prior to this.)

For me, her claim to believing God spoke to her that they were to be married (which I read second hand from him, since she couldn’t speak English at the time) is on par with reports of Montanus revelation or someone in the Philippines who claims it is wrong for the old to marry the young. At least her claim doesn’t go in a different direction from the Bible or add more restrictions on the whole church than scripture does.

He did leave her a widow with four kids, some of them small, in addition to the kids he had with the Chinese wife who had passed away prior. I do not see that as evidence that what they did was wrong. But an older spouse dying early is a risk.

Can post-Biblical prophecy put some kind of extra-Biblical on all believers on a topic like marriage?